Getting handle of midi device

I am using MediaPlayer to control midi playback.
I want to control the volume and to do so must(?) use the Win32 call:


which takes a Handle(HMIDIOUT) as first parameter but MediaPlayer only provides the DeviceID
(which, BTW, was all that was needed under Win16!)

How can I obtain this Handle?

Alan G.
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agauldAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
I have executed this code and it worked on my computer, but I'm not sure it will work always. Try it.

uses MMSystem;
  HandleMidi: HMIDIOUT;
  Capabilities: TMidiOutCaps;
  if(MidiOutGetDevCaps(MediaPlayer1.DeviceID, @Capabilities, sizeof(Capabilities)) = MMSYSERR_NOERROR) and
   ((Capabilities.dwSupport and MIDICAPS_VOLUME) <> 0)
    { $FFFF means full volume on both channels }
    if MidiOutSetVolume(MediaPlayer1.DeviceID, $FFFF) <> MMSYSERR_NOERROR then
    ShowMessage('Volume not supported');

If it doesn't work, you should use the handle returned by midioutopen, because the MediaPlayer use mci messages (higl level API) and that handle is used only with the low level API. Note that some cards or drivers don't implement midi volume setting.

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agauldAuthor Commented:
The answer is good but didn't work for me... I can read the volume but not set it.
Also tried waveOutSetVolume but same result!

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