How do I get the errorlevel from a dos app?

I want to run pkunzip from a VB5 and can't figure out how to get the errorlevel after it has run. Thanks
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You can start it with CreateProcess and retrieve the errorlevel with GetExitCodeProcess.

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BreezAuthor Commented:
umm, CreateProcess and GetExitCodeProccess seem to apply to C++. What would the VisualBasic equivalent be?

They can be used in VB as well.

This is code for declarations:

Private Const INFINITE = &HFFFF                    '  Infinite timeout
Private Const SW_SHOW = 5
        cb As Long
        lpReserved As Long
        lpDesktop As Long
        lpTitle As Long
        dwX As Long
        dwY As Long
        dwXSize As Long
        dwYSize As Long
        dwXCountChars As Long
        dwYCountChars As Long
        dwFillAttribute As Long
        dwFlags As Long
        wShowWindow As Integer
        cbReserved2 As Integer
        lpReserved2 As Byte
        hStdInput As Long
        hStdOutput As Long
        hStdError As Long
End Type
        hProcess As Long
        hThread As Long
        dwProcessId As Long
        dwThreadId As Long
End Type
Private Declare Function CreateProcess Lib "kernel32" Alias "CreateProcessA" (ByVal lpApplicationName As String, ByVal lpCommandLine As String, ByVal lpProcessAttributes As String, ByVal lpThreadAttributes As String, ByVal bInheritHandles As Long, ByVal dwCreationFlags As Long, ByVal lpEnvironment As String, ByVal lpCurrentDirectory As String, lpStartupInfo As STARTUPINFO, lpProcessInformation As PROCESS_INFORMATION) As Long
Private Declare Function GetExitCodeProcess Lib "kernel32" (ByVal hProcess As Long, lpExitCode As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function CloseHandle Lib "kernel32" (ByVal hObject As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function WaitForSingleObject Lib "kernel32" (ByVal hHandle As Long, ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long) As Long

This is code to execute pkunzip:

    Dim sinfo As STARTUPINFO
    Dim success As Integer
    Dim ExitCode As Long
    sinfo.cb = Len(sinfo)
    sinfo.lpTitle = 0
    sinfo.lpReserved = 0
    sinfo.lpDesktop = 0
    sinfo.cbReserved2 = 0
    sinfo.lpReserved2 = 0
    sinfo.dwFlags = STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW
    sinfo.wShowWindow = SW_SHOW
    success = CreateProcess(vbNullString, "pkunzip c:\", vbNullString, vbNullString, False, NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, vbNullString, vbNullString, sinfo, pinfo)
    If success = 0 Then
        Debug.Print "CreateProcess failed"
        Exit Sub
    End If
    WaitForSingleObject pinfo.hProcess, INFINITE
    success = GetExitCodeProcess(pinfo.hProcess, ExitCode)
    If success <> 0 Then
        Debug.Print "Exit code: "; ExitCode
        Debug.Print "GetExitCodeProcess failed"
    End If
    CloseHandle pinfo.hProcess
    CloseHandle pinfo.hThread

If you want to be able to do other things while pkunzip is running, the code can be easily modified to do that, just call GetExitCodeProcess regularly, and as long as the process is running it will return 259.

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