Virtual Desk Top in Fvwm95


I installed Red Hat Linux 4.1. By it's default, when system come up, it gives me 18 virtual desk tops. However,  for normal using, I never used exist 4~5. Could anyone tells me how to change the setting? Which file I should modified?
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In your user directory, a .(window manager)rc is their, this is normally would be .fvwmrc for fvwm, .fvwm95 for fvwm 95, etc, etc... within this file there is a pager section in this file, under that there is somthing like: "pager 4x5" which specifies the pager size, these files normally have lots of comments, to make it easy to edit.
yxw1Author Commented:
I found the pager section, however, there is no such 4x5 or similar stuff inside.

Please help. Thanks.

look at the "DeskTopSize" entry in your .fvwmrc or system.fvwmrc (or in case your use m4 in a file in /etc/X11/.fvwm(something_i_don't_remember)
to see where is the file, do "rpm -qil `rpm -qa | grep fvwm`  | less" and then search with /fvwmrc

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yxw1Author Commented:
I checked the DeskTopSize, some of them were set as 3x3 and some of them were set as 3x2 by default. However, I still got 6x3 desk tops.

I checked files under /etc/X11/TheNextLevel; /etc/X11/fvwm


yxw1Author Commented:
BTW, I set the Running Level 5 as the system default, ie, X window will be brought up at boot time.
That's how DeskTopSize works...
nxm means mn x n virtual screens.
So with 3x3 you get 9x3, with 3x2 you get 6x3 etc.
With 2x1, I get 2x2 and I am happy with that.

Have fun.
Check the hidden file .fvwm2rc95 in your home directory, and change "DeskTopSize" to "DeskTopSize 2x2". Shutdown X at startup again. If this fails to change anything, then you must have another .fvwm2rc95 in another directory. Do a...
find / -name .fvwm2rc95
to find other occurances. Good luck.
yxw1Author Commented:
Well, after I attempted several times, finall I got it on my system. Let me tell what happened: I found there is a directory: /etc/X11/TheNextLevel, there are several hidden files. On of them named: .fvwm2rc.module and there is a variable: DESKTOP_SIZE, change the number over there and restart my fvwm, I got what I wanted.

Think it over, I'd like give the credit to "mlev". Any one knows how?

Thanks all for your help.

Y. Wang

I know how - just accept this one :)

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