Wininet & multithreaded

I wrote a class that uses wininet to implemenet FTP session ,
but I need to have 5-6 objects of the same class running
simultaniasly , as a one thread program it did the job
perfectly , but when trying to have multiple threads , I had
many problems , ranging from unknown phenomenas to some
wierd things , like InternetConnect get stuck or only returns after 60 seconds and reporting a TIMEOUT , while
I know for sure that the destination is reachable , I know
that some function in Wininet need to be synchronized for
multithreaded operations , but which ones and how ? there
is nothing in MS documentation , plus if you know a good
disscusion forums or a tutorial ( more serious then MS documents) let me know

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MFC 4.2 and later have some classes that implement FTP session using Wininet functions. They are CInternetSession, CInternetConnection, CFtpConnection, CFtpFileFind, ... I think you can refer to the source code to find out how to do it.
moshemAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the pointer , but I really can't spend the time digging throu the huge MFC classes , I need a reliable answer withouth that overhead , please try to answer within the Win32
SDK boundaries

moshemAuthor Commented:
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My guess is that WinINet is conpletely nonthreadaware, meaning you will need to synchronize access yourself.
moshemAuthor Commented:
Sorry , but I refer you to the WinInet SDK to a specific
paragraph that specifies that wininet is multitheaded ready!
WinInet compiles down to using asynchronous sockets.  I would suggest that you probably made the error yourself.  Be sure to specify different port addresses for each connection that's outbound, because the data channel will come back and look for it.  If it's busy with other data, it will get confused.

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moshemAuthor Commented:
what do you mean by "Be sure to specify different port addresses for each connection that's outbound.." , what is that in
wininet API
in FTPConnect you can specify port number.  That's a good starting point.  I looked through the inet.cpp class and MS doesn't worry about port numbers.  I'm not totally sure why.  I'm accustomed to doing all this with Winsock, because I have more control.  In Winsock, you connect(), bind() , send a command, recv().  Have you tried using the MFC classes to do this yet?  They may have support for multiple threads built in.
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