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This is probably a 'chestnut' but having made 2 programs (a control panel to write data to control.ini and another to read it and draw the patterns, respond to input and bring up password forms etc) how do I join them into a single .exe in Delphi 2 under NT4/W95?
I assume the new .dpr has to be modified and I know about checking for the /s option with paramstring etc, but how is everything joined together and only a single instance run?
Thanks in advance, Catherine.
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Hi Catherine,

The easiest way to accomplish the combining of the two programs is to start with one of them (doesn't really matter which one) and then add the Unit (the pas, not the dpr) file of the other one to the first one.  You can use the + speed button.  That unit then becomes part of the first project.  You can then add the unit name of the second unit to the USES claus of the first.

What you do next, depends on what you're trying to accomplish in your program.  This however, will combine the two into one project and therefore one EXE.

Ian C. (Toronto)


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mobiusAuthor Commented:
Hello Ian, thanks for the quick reply. Perhaps I should have said more in the original question.

I know how to add a .pas to the uses clause as that's how I get the two main programs to call up the password boxes, aboutsaver info etc, as each is an otherwise independent program that's run in showmodal state by createapplication, but what I was after was a way of calling each of the two main programs from some sort of otherwise empty 'shell' which would have them in the uses clause, and then parse the command line to check for the /s option with the params function.

I'd already tried having everything in one large (and rather unwieldy) program and even got the /s parsing OK, so I'm fairly confident about that aspect, but although the new program ran perfectly as a .exe as soon as I changed it to a .scr the display control panel in NT4 kept calling the saver as soon as it was listed rather than when the setup button was pressed, and under W95 I kept getting multiple instances of the saver's control panel that appeared over and over again.

Hope this makes sense,

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Also, you seems to have tane 15 points but I advertised 150 and I've been debited that amount for something that doesn't answer the original question.
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