Passing string data from form to form.

How can I pass data in a string variable across forms without the new form nulling the variable?
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Please explain further.

/// John

 I think what John was getting at was that you havn't provided enough information for a good answer to be provided. From what you've written it seems as though there should be no problem. Passing a string variable from one unit/form to another can be done simply by referencing the other unit in the assign statement and making sure the unit is in the uses clause:

{In Form1}

  AString : String;

{In Form2}



  AnotherString : String;
  AnotherString := 'Some piece of information vital to Form1';
  Form1.AString := AnotherString;

  This seems to be what your asking, but if I've completely missed the point then you'll have to explain the problem more fully, perhaps with some code.


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the2x4Author Commented:
I recently bought Delphi 3 with no experience at all in that
language. I knew the learning curve would be steep but 3 was
reccomended for its fast app developement. It indeed is quicker
for me. I resolved the problem another way still the original
question explains the results I obtained. I am sure the reference
Steven explained is the solution. Delphi 3 would be a snap if I
had been thru 1 & 2. Thank you Stephen for assuming I needed
BASIC :-) assistance. Thanks for the help.
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 You should have no difficulty in learning into Delphi 3 without having used 1 or 2. Glad to have helped.

 You should have no difficulty in learning Delphi 3 without having used 1 or 2. Glad to have helped.

 I hate it when that happens.
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