Page break in several Winwords

I take doc files from work to home. but 100 pages long documents become 90 pages cause winword is changing the page breaks.
I thought-ok this is Winword 6.0a and i have 6.0c. But the Problem eaven occured as I installed a second harddisk with the same programms as my common one.
the same win311 and word 6.0c. I searched all options, i copied the file. But nothing worked!
So in which file or option do I have to make changes!
thanks michael
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First of all, are you sure the same fonts are installed on both machines? If not, try to include the fonts into the document when saving it (it should be under options in the save dialog).

If you have the same fonts make sure you also have the same page setup on both machines.

If they are the same you may still have different printers. Install the same printer on your home machine (for example as a second printer which is not attached to a port but saves its output into a file). Select that printer as default printer and use the same options in page setup as you have at work. This should do the trick.

 hope this helps,


wittyAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help, but this is exactly what I allready did!
I installed Win311 and MS-Word 6.0c again on a second harddisk.(from the same CD)
The same fonts are installed on this harddisk.
I compared them in System-settings.
I eaven made a binary compare of the ttf and tof files!
The same printer is installed.
I compared options in the page-setting - there's no difference!
I copied the file (perhaps it would help - it didn't)

So do you know any other source?
Please answer me!

Many thanx Michael

Hi witty,
the same problem I have!
Haven't found a solution yet :-(
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wittyAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question


I'm sure you thought of that, but just to be sure: Your document isn't based on any other style sheet? (say or whatever)

Also, can you see any pattern in the way the pagebreaks change? Is it just that the page length is different, thus more text is fitted on each page, or do differences only appear at specific locations (say whenever there is a figure)?


wittyAuthor Commented:
Hallo Phillipe,
yes you are right; some of my documents are based on other style sheets - but if so I copy these files too!
it looks like the length of the page was altered:
when I open the document, it looks like the original - then after a few seconds Winword starts breaking the pages - and then it no longer looks like the original!
It's like the page in one Winword is a few mm less than in another Winword (So I thought of the printers, but on my testharddisk I installed the same printer from the same installation-source and it doesn't work either!)

so I don't know what else I can check


> so I don't know what else I can check

I'm afraid I don't know either. You could still try to cheat on the page length in the page setup to make up for this effect. If you are lucky the error is consistant and you'll end up with the same documents.


Did you try to check if the tabs of the two docs are the ame and if the space between lines are equal? I mean, if in one doc, the line starts at 1 cm and in the other it starts at 0,75 cm....
Or if in your office you have 1,5 as a line space and at home you have 1.
I am sure you already did it, but did you check the up and down page borders? (2cm in one and 1,5cm in the other for exapmple?).

Both Winword have the same things so I don't see why it shouldn't be a page setting or paragraph settings problem


wittyAuthor Commented:
you know that line spacing is saved in the document if altered from the settings in the based on-style sheet,  otherwise it is saved in the style sheet file. And I'm copying this file to the other winword as well!!
So this is no specific option relying to the winword program!

Try save your document in Rich-Text format. May be this will help you. Good luck.
wittyAuthor Commented:
A Vaulin,
thanks, but if I wouldn't need the winword output, I would already be working with dos-edit!
Hi witty:
I tried to establish your configuration on my PC!
So I realized something strange!
I installed Windows 3.11 and Winword 6.0a; documents did not look the same in Winword 7.0 and Winword 6.0!!
If you uninstall all TrueType Fonts (don't delete the files from your harddisk!) and then install them again - it works!

Hope this helps you!


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wittyAuthor Commented:
to mwetzer:
great! It works!
Thank you

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