Win95 to Linux to the 'net...

After following the advice given for previous questions I am still having trouble. I am dialing in to a Linux 2.0.29 box from Windows95 using the dial-up networking "feature". I have the server type set to "PPP:Windows 95,Windows NT 3.5,Internet" in the dial-up properties. When I dial in to the Linux box Win95 eventually pops up a message informing me that a proper set of protocols could not be established, or some such nonsense.
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sauronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I left a comment on your old question, which may be of help, but I'll add a few more things here, which I hope will answer everything ;-)

If you want net access through dialing into your Linux box, you need routing as well as other things. Your Linux box must be configured as an IP router, and if you have a shortage of genuaine IP addresses, you may also need to use masquerading.

As far as the dialin goes, use a package like Telix for DOS, or Win95's Hyperterminal. Get that working so you can log into a shall account on you Linux box. Make sure the comms package and the getty on the serial line are all configured the same, and you should be able to dial in and get a login prompt. When you can login, work out what pppd command line you need to start up PPP on the Linux box. Having done that, make a user on Linux, that uses that pppd command line as their shell. You'll need to change /etc/passwd and /etc/shells.

When you've got that far, set up a Dial-up-networking icon on the 95 box, and under it's properties, check the box for bring up terminal window after dial in. When you dial in, you'll get a termianl window - you can login to this as your ppp user, and Linux will start PPP up. Then, when you close the terminal window, windows will start PPP, and the two should talk.

At this stage, try pinging the IP address of the Linux box, then try a telnet session to it. If all that works you're pretty much there. Getting anywhere beyond the Linux box is going to require correct routing to be set up on the Linux box, but I don't know enough about your setup to comment on that. If you ISDN line is connected to your Linux box, you may need to use diald or something, but if it's from you ISP, you may have an ISDN router and a block of IP's.
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