Delphi and Turbo Pascal

What are the major differences between Delphi and Turbo Pascal?
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Delphi is for Windows
I think so you ask about differences in language.

Delphi use classes (not objects)
Delphi is events oriented.
Delphi have fine user interface which help you building applications.
Delphi have componets which you can write and then use more time (it is more useful with compare of use only libraries).
Delphi have more...more other improvements (new parameters in procedures, open array .... )

If You prepare to buy Delphi I think so this is very good idea.
I think you should reject my answer and give the points to mirek.
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jenr - I think so the idea is get the answer not point's. I don't need points.
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icampbel- of course you'r answer was fatally.
jenrAuthor Commented:
I was disappointed in icambel's initial answer, but in asking some computer people I know, I discovered that it wasn't entirely untrue...Delphi is for Windows.

But, Mirek's answer is much more detailed, and I actually learned something from it.

When I initially subscribed to this service, I thought it would deliver a wealth of information, and could be a valuable resource.  It seems, however, that it is really just a silly game for techno-geeks, and the goal is not enlightenment, but to get the most points.

Thank you, icampbel, for admitting that your answer should be rejected.
jenr.... I requested you to reject my answer because I gave it about 5 seconds of thought and mirek clearly gave you an honest informed opinion.  

mirek... relax... the points are just a nice little twist to make helping other people more fun.   I'm sure that in the future I may help you or you may help me.  Not all of my answers are as brief as this one was.

Cheers :)
Ian C.

Right. In delphi you can write programs for dos, but today it is not any sense.
I think so You now know some differences with Delphi and TP but submit comment with more details about you'r answer
Ok,Delphi provides a way to develop applications for windows using RAD (Rapid Application Development) techniques.  The entire product is based upon object oriented design.  This allows you to create objects or use the ones that are provided to build solid applications for windows.  The concept of a palette is used to allow you to 'drop' components on your form and then simply link them up together by using their events and properties.  The entire development process is visually based.

All of the development occurs within an IDE, much like TP does.  The IDE in both cases provides for debugging and linking etc.  The concept of UNITS is still in use with Delphi.

The truth is, they both use Pascal (with extensions) for the development language, but Delphi is Object based and is used for Windows development.

I will try not to be so brief in the future.

Ian C.

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jenrAuthor Commented:
To amend the question a bit, or at least qualify it...I'm going to use an analogy that I understand.

A website developer can use Frontpage or any other front-end development tool to make sites.  This gives us a whole slew of people who can make a pretty good site, but they don't know how to produce code!  Ask them to write something in HTML, and they are lost.

Do some Delphi programmers have this problem?  I.E., they are able to navigate in Delphi, and put the right objects in the right places, but if they had to write a program in Pascal, they wouldn't have a clue?  And would a Pascal programmer be able to learn Delphi quickly and easily?
- When You write program in delphi You write it in Pascal and RAD is only for fast work.
- I think so any Pascal programmer can learn Delphi quickly.
- Any Delphi programmer can write in Pascal but must learn custom implementation.
For the most part, what you say is true.  However, most usefull applications that require you to do something more than just dropping components on a form will require some code being written.  With Delphi, that's in Pascal.
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