.vid file

what is 8514.vid file in dos directory? thanx.
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*.vid files are environment info files that should be temporary,
and normally appear when you shell to DOS (either from Windows
or a program that included a DOS shell).  For example, when I
shell to DOS from Windows (click on "MS-DOS Prompt" under the
"Main" menu in win3.11 and the equivalent in win95), DOSSHELL.VID
appears in my DOS directory...something similar is producing
yours and it SHOULD be deleted when you exit the DOS shell...if
not it doesn't really harm anything but it wastes a bit of hdd
space and you should probably delete it.

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DVSMCAuthor Commented:
this particular file was not generated after OS installation.  
i do not believe i should delete it!
Hmm, then you might as well leave it as long as it isn't too
big...it might be a set-up for the default shell environment or
something...i'm not really sure, because mine only appears when
i'm in the DOS shell, not when i'm in straight DOS...
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