I am in the Iron Titan dungeon, level 2.  According to other help
sheets(gotten through the net) I am on my way to the "large room were
4 (needed) pebbles and teleports" are.  I've followed the snaking
corridor, closed the first "pit" by a pressure plate, traversed the
other opening and closing pits; but I cannot close the last pit to get
to the large room!!!!

Someone must have solved this riddle, and completed the game.  The
help sheets I have gotten from the internet make no mention of this
last pit.
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4 pebbles for 4 pits.  There's a pressure plate for that last pit.
Pat5Author Commented:
Which pressure plate and how do I activate it?  I think I have tried it all; but must have missed something.....  Is there a specific routine for this last pit?
Pat5Author Commented:
please I need pareticulars......
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found it on the net

Quest item: Invincible Iron This three level area is one of the most complex of all the dungeons. It is also
full of some nasty monsters and traps. It's the first dungeon to have pits, so watch your step. The monsters
here are poisonous, so start using the anti-poison shield when you enter this joint. This place is really tough
to get through and a nuisance to back out of, so make sure you have all the quest items you need before
trying on this maze. The only things you won't have by now are the Wood and the Iron for the chest. These
you get here and the next dungeon. Okay, upon entering you will see a big area to the north with lots of
blocks and four pressure plates. It's kind of a simple puzzle. You want to push the blocks next to the plates
onto the plates, which creates teleporters. Then push the remaining blocks into each of the teleporters and
step through. This will take you to four separate rooms with pressure plates. Push the blocks onto the plates
and take the escape 'porters outta there. This will open up some halls around the rest of the first floor.
Before you weigh the blocks down, there will be holes in the floor that will drop you down below. Unless
you want to deal with that, just push them blocks. The puzzle is simple. To the north and south of the
plates are the blocks you push on them. The other four blocks go into each of the teleporters that appear.
Shove them on the plates in those rooms. Straight to the north of the entrance is a giant head coming out
the floor. Talk to him and hear his story. He needs you to use a magic immersion spell to free him. But the
area he is in is a no magic zone. There is a switch to the east that will shut it off. Go into the east hall
and follow it around to the north. On the way you will come across a pressure plate that opens up a room
with two altars in it. To the west is some chests with goodies and a cube of magic immersion maker. For
some weird reason, if you use the cube sitting on the floor, another will appear. I always do it just because
it may have some purpose in the game. Shrink the big guy's head, then walk past him and head for the
stairs. A lot of blocks will be in your way. Either push them or destroy them. After the first block you will
find an illusory wall. It leads to a room full of stamina potions. You may want to use them to help you
with the blocks, but I never bother. Now head down to the second floor. First, go north until you have to
turn right past four closed doors. A rolling rock will be in this area. You will see a south passage near the
fourth door. Go down it. Put a bag of rocks on the pressure plate, then throw the switch on the wall. This
will shut of the no magic zone on this level. Now walk past the plate and take your bag back. Go back to
the south. The hall wraps around and you will see a hole in the floor. A plate in an alcove closes the hole.
Go into the illusory wall and shrink the giant's torso the way you did before. Now go back to the hall and
keep on going west. It will curve like a snake. Beware of holes in the floor that open and close and
spinners. On the way you will see a mana altar. Eventually you will come to a room with a plate in the
center and four pebbles on the floor. Pick up the pebbles. Step on the plate. A teleporter will appear. Step
into it. Drop a pebble on the plate where you appeared. Enter the escape 'porter and repeat until you have
visited four separate rooms and weighed down four plates. Now make your way back to the area to the
north east where the four closed doors were (and the switch). The doors will be open. The first three have
chests. The fourth takes you to a Packrat's lair. This is the only Packrat I found in the game. If you find
any others, let me know at the above e-mail address. Now you can go to the third level. Pass the shrunken
body. You will enter a room with lightning wild tornadoes and rolling rocks. Do a reflections on the lake
spell and find the chest to the north. The stairs down are in the west. The third and final level is pretty
easy. Explore all the rooms you can until you have five iron dragon keys. The monsters down here are
Swarm Maidens. I found the Fountain of Scorching Vapors spell kicks their ass. Usually only one does the
trick. You should have got that from the guy in the waterfall in front of Gorge Keep. Anyway, after you
have all the keys you can unlock the five doors leading to the exit. On the way you will pass a rooth two
altars. Take the stairs up and up. When you reach the first level a messenger will attack you. He will drop
a Soul Link spell when you kill him. Now head out the door and straight for the land with the hand.
Pat5Author Commented:
" Beware of holes in the floor that open and close and
   spinners. On the way you will see a mana altar....."

"I've followed the snaking corridor, closed the first "pit" by   a   pressure plate, traversed the other opening and closing pits; but   I cannot close the last pit to get to the large room!!!! "

" The help sheets I have gotten from the internet make no       mention of this last pit. "

I've seen the above answers on the internet too!  That "help" sheet does not state how to close the last pit!!!  It is not just a opening and closing one!

Please!!!!  Someone must have the"particular precise" answer to closing this puzzle.

Hmmm... I forget which spell it is (read your instruction manual), but there is a spell which will let you levitate over that pit, if you have know that spell.

By the way, you might want to download the Universal Game Editor and the UGE file for Anvil of Dawn from

With the UGE file, you can GIVE yourself the spell that will let you levitate.  I used the same walkthru you did, and was finally able to find the fourth pressure plate, but I don't remember where.  I'd have to see the map first.

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