Java Programming question

Need to download a trusted applet (previously signed with javakey and
packet into .Jar archive). It seems to work with appletviewer, but it
doesn't under Netscape 4.01.
How is it possible?
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mann061997Connect With a Mentor Commented:
- you need a certificate from a CA; for testing get VeriSign's
  free test certificate
- install the certificate in Communicator
- create the signed JAR using Netscapes JAR Packager; as far
  as I know, signed JARs created using the JDK jar tool are not
  accepted by Communicator.

Are Jar files usable in Netscape 3.01
No, Communicator (Navigator 4) is the first version to
support this.

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della030797Author Commented:
How can I obtain a certificate from a CA? And VeriSign?
Netsape Jar Packager is a plug-in I've to download or built-in?
Della - take a look at
for more information on Netscapes JAR tools. These are
a standalone executable and a Java executable - no plug-in.

The page also points you to sites of CAs offering object-
signing certificates.
della030797Author Commented:
Thanks for help, but I'm still in deep trouble...
After having packed my .class file into Jar (with Netscape's JAR Packager) and signed it, Netscape doesn't allow applet which now should be trusted to access system resource on local machine.
I don't know if I missed something in signing procedure or if I have to make some calls to IFC (i.e. PrivilegeManager.enablePrivilege("UniversalPropertyRead");
and in this case, how can I compile this Java source code since I actually have only JDK1.1.2 and Visual J++ 1.1?
You need to register the certificate in the Browser:
  Options\Security Preferences\Site Certificates

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