Win95 Inbox mail setup...

I have configured my Win95 Inbox to retrieve internet mail
using the Netscape Internet Transport. My access to the
Internet is via Winproxy installed on another Win95 Ethernet client. What I want to do is to configure Inbox
to download my email from my personal mailbox at after connecting to the company's mailbox
through the internet provider which is via dial-up!
Modification ====>> I want to get my personal mail using
my employers dial-up account from a windows95 client using
another windows95 client as an internet Proxy!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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IkonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in the pop and smtp sections in your options, just put in the ones for your personal server, eg:
Then put in your username & password when requested.


Check in your mail clients documentation if u don't know where these settings are.
Please give more detail.
if your talking about getting your work email from home
your company may (and prob does) have a firewall up so a dial up isp wont see the address as valid. we get around this by allowing
dial-ins to you NT server.
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You could get your company to set up a secure internet tunnel.
Digital have such a product.
denmarkwAuthor Commented:
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denmarkwAuthor Commented:
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