Animations flakey

All the animations (screensavers, avi, games) under win95 are tilting are flakey, they freeze every 1 or 2 seconds, and I haven't done anything before it happens...what is the pb ?
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Looks like your system can't keep up with building screens. Try setting up for a lower color resolution (ie. 256 colors) and try again.
Cyril061697Author Commented:
Sorry, changing the color depth didn't fix the pb...
Could be time for a new video card.
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How much RAM memory you got?
...and what processor?
  This troubleshooter usually solves the problem , or points us in the right direction. Anything you don't understand, let me know, Please follow these steps:
Troubleshooting .avi File Playback Problems in Windows 95

March 19, 1996
Microsoft Windows 95


This article contains steps to help you troubleshoot
problems playing .avi files in Windows 95.


Program-Specific Problems

Try to play the .avi file with different programs such
as Media Player, Windows Explorer, and the
program the .avi file was included with.

1.If there is a problem viewing the .avi file with a
third-party program, try to play the file using
Media Player. If you can play the .avi file with Media Player,
contact the third-party program's manufacturer.

2.If you cannot play the .avi file with Media Player,
the file may be damaged. Try to play another
.avi file. If you do not have another .avi file, connect
to the Microsoft Download Service and
download Avisamp1.exe. If you can play other .avi files,
the problem may be related to the Codec used to create
the .avi file.

3.If you cannot play any .avi file, the MCI video device
 may be disabled. To enable it,
double-click Multimedia in Control Panel, click the Advanced tab, double-click Media Control
Devices, double-click Motion Video Device, click the Use
This Media Control Device check
box to select it, and then click OK.

Playback Device Not Configured Properly

If the .avi file plays poorly (jerky video or
breaks in the sound), the problem may be related to the
video playback size setting. By default, Windows 95
sets video playback to be twice the original size
of the video clip. To achieve better playback quality,
use the following steps to adjust the video playback size:

1.In Control Panel, double-click Multimedia.

2.On the Video tab, click Windows, and then click Original Size
in the Window box.

3.Click OK.

CD-ROM Throughput Not Fast Enough

If an .avi file plays poorly (jerky video or breaks in the sound)
from the CD-ROM drive, the .avi file's
target rate may exceed the CD-ROM drive's throughput. Use the
following steps to determine the .avi
file's target rate:

1.In Windows Explorer, use the right mouse button to click
the .avi file, and then click Properties on the menu that

2.Click the Details tab and note the Video Format information.
The file's target video playback
rate is listed in KB/sec.

Most files are recorded at a target data rate (video and sound
included) of less than or equal to 300

If there is enough free space on your hard disk, copy the .avi
file to your hard disk (to an
uncompressed drive, if possible) and test the playback of the file.
If there is not enough free space on
your hard disk, test a smaller .avi file with the same properties.

If the file plays correctly from your hard disk, your CD-ROM
drive may not be providing fast enough
throughput and may need to be optimized. For information about
optimizing CD-ROM drive access in
Windows 95, see the following article in the Microsoft
Knowledge Base:

TITLE     : Poor Performance from CD-ROM-Based Program

If playback of the .avi file does not improve after optimizing,
you may need to use a faster CD-ROM
drive or play .avi files from your hard disk.

Playing .avi Files as Links or Over the Network

The playback of an .avi file linked into a document or across
the network can cause poor playback
performance. Access time to files on the network can vary
depending on network traffic and the
hardware being used. For better playback, you should copy .avi
files to and play them from your hard

Video Driver Displays Colors Incorrectly

If the .avi file flashes or displays incorrect colors during
playback, the problem may be related to the
video driver you have installed. Check the .avi file format
for the number of colors (such as 8-bit or
24-bit color). If you are using a video driver with 16 colors,
.avi files with 256 or more colors will look
very different during playback or may not play at all. Such .avi
files will have a washed-out look during
playback because of the dithering (converting from 256 to 16 colors)
 that takes place. Use one of the
following steps to resolve these problems:

Install a display driver with higher color capabilities,
or adjust the color palette of your current
display driver to use more colors.
Remove and reinstall your display driver.
Obtain and install an updated display driver designed for
Windows 95 from the manufacturer of
your video adapter, if available.

Problems with Sound During .avi File Playback

If there are breaks in sound during playback of the .avi file
or there is no sound, the sound card may
not be configured properly. Sound in an .avi file is not
usually compressed, so you can test playback
of an uncompressed file such as the Chimes.wav file included
with Windows 95. If .wav files do not
play correctly, see the following article in the Microsoft
Knowledge Base:

TITLE     : Troubleshooting Wave Sound File Problems in Windows 95

NOTE: Make sure the volume is set properly for your sound
card, and check that the .avi file was
captured with sound by looking at the properties for the
file and checking the audio format.

Codec Is Not Installed or Is Damaged

If you receive a message about a Codec that is missing or
not installed when you try to play an .avi
file, make sure that the required Codec is installed. Use
the following steps to find out which Codec
was used to compress the .avi file:

1.In Windows Explorer, use the right mouse button to click
the .avi file, and then click
Properties on the menu that appears.

2.Click the Details tab and note the Video Format information.
The Codec used to compress the
file is the last piece of information listed.

3.In Control Panel, double-click Multimedia.

4.On the Advanced tab, double-click Video Compression CODECS.
If the Codec used to
compress the file is not listed, you must install it.

Windows 95 includes the following 32-bit video CODECS:

Intel Indeo (IR31 or IR32)
Supermatch Cinepak
Microsoft RLE (MS-RLE)
Microsoft Video 1 (MS-CRAM)

You may also receive a message about a Codec that is missing
or not installed if the Codec that the
.avi file is attempting to use is damaged. Use the following
steps to remove and reinstall a 32-bit
video Codec:

1.In Control Panel, double-click Multimedia.

2.On the Advanced tab, double-click Video Compression CODECS.

3.Click the Codec you want to remove, click Properties, click
Remove, and then click Yes when
you are prompted.

4.Close the Multimedia Properties dialog box.

5.In Control Panel, double-click Add New Hardware.

6.Click Next, click No, and then click Next.

7.In the Hardware Types box, double-click Sound, Video, And Game

8.In the Manufacturers box, click the appropriate item:

- for RLE and Video 1, click Microsoft Video CODECS

- for Cinepak, click SuperMatch

- for IR31 or IR32, click Intel

9.Click the appropriate Codec in the Models box, click Next, and
then click Finish. If you are
prompted to restart Windows 95, do so.

If you have a 16-bit video Codec installed, you should disable
it and install a corresponding 32-bit
video Codec. 16-bit video CODECS are listed in the [Drivers]
section of the System.ini file and
usually begin with the word "VIDC." To disable a 16-bit Codec,
place a semicolon (;) at the beginning
of the corresponding line in the System.ini file, save the
System.ini file, and then restart Windows 95.

Click on 'My Computer' with your right mouse button. Click on Properties. In the System Properties window, select the Performance tab. Click the Graphics button. Move the Hardware acceleration pointer to None. You will probably have to restart Windows at this point. If this solves the problem, you can either stay with this setting, or go through the steps again and move the pointer up a notch and try again, and so forth.
Cyril061697Author Commented:
I have a 200MMX Processor w/ 48 Mo Ram, and a Millenium  Video board.
1. You probably have a soundcard installed. What happens when you pull it out? Some soundcards are known to give these kind of troubles.
2. Do you have a Network card installed?
2. Did you try to loading W95 with a clean autoexec.bat and config.sys?
This could be a hard one to solve...

Cyril, What was the results of my 1st troubleshooting routine?
This is a very information one. Please try:
Microsoft Multimedia Display Troubleshooter (There is Much More *Than* TroubleShooting)
Please let me know the results.
We should have a dialogue to fix your problem.
Cyril061697Author Commented:
Sorry, Smeebud, my problem didn't appear in the troubleshooting microsoft's list...
Have you installed the Directx that comes with the Matrox package for their games?

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Cyril061697Author Commented:
No I've got the Direct X 3.0
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