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Hello,I want to get a list of available drives, preferabily with drive types with delphi 2.0.I have found the relevent API calls but was wondering if there was an delphi function call to do this?
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Here's a app you can try.  This works on all drives. The second snip on code is for network drives info.

Start a new app.  add 1 button, 1 edit box, 1 label.  Copy the code into it and run.

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
for x:= 65 to (65+25)  do begin
edit1.text := chr(x) + ':';
drivetype := getdrivetype(pchar(edit1.text));
case drivetype of
0:Label1.caption := 'Drive Type Not Determined';
1:Label1.caption := 'Root Does not exists';
DRIVE_REMOVABLE:Label1.caption := 'Removable Drive';
DRIVE_FIXED:Label1.caption := 'Fixed Drive';
DRIVE_REMOTE:Label1.caption := 'Remote Drive';
DRIVE_CDROM:Label1.caption := 'CD Drive';
DRIVE_RAMDISK:Label1.caption := 'RamDisk Drive';


   s1 := TStringList.Create;
   nMappingsCount := GetNetworkDriveMappings(s1);
   for i := 0 to nMappingsCount -1 do begin

Function TForm1.GetNetworkDriveMappings(s1:TStrings):integer;
   dwMaxNetPathLen := MAX_PATH;
   For i := 0 to 25 do
      if (NO_ERROR = Windows.WNetGetConnection(Pchar('' + Chr(65 + i) + ':'),
      Pchar(sNetPath), dwMaxNetPathLen))
      Then Begin
         s1.add(Chr(65 + i) + ':' + sNetPath);
   Result := s1.count;

Let me know if you need more.

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essbbAuthor Commented:
essbbAuthor Commented:
Do you know why the drive that the program is running from comes up as 'root not found' unless you are running the program from the root directory?Is it an API Bug?
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It could be... You might try changing directories to the root of each drive before you getdrivetype.  Since the function uses the drive letter (i.e. C: ) it might be actual giving it the current directory.

I'm curious now, Thanks for the bit of info.
I'm going to try a few things myself.  I'll let you know if I find anything.

I added this just befor the getdrivetype:

chdir(edit1.text + '\');
if IOResult = 0 then begin

It listed all the drives correctly.

See if it will work for you.  ????
essbbAuthor Commented:
Yeah, That makes sense but you only need do it on the drive that the program is running on, If you go into the other drives first and change dir down a few levels it still works. Must be an API bug I think.btw - the getDriveType also works for all my networked drivesThanks-Brett
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