Making ftp more "secure"

  Hi...I'm running wu-ftpd and I'm trying to figure out how to configure it so that when user joe ftps in, his root is his home directory and he can't cd out of it to the dir that houses all the user directories....thanks....Adam
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This is only possible for user  ftp  and  anonymous.
I think you must patch wu-ftpd 's sources to satisfy your goals.

adamolsonAuthor Commented:
I've been reading that you can write a wrapper, but I'm looking for an easier way that might be in wu-ftpd already...thanks...Adam
may be following works, (add to /etc/ftpaccess):

      cd no joe

but this will disable cd at all for user joe :-(

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Create a .profile that would remove access to cd

Force ftp to work within an rsh

Good-luck, FTP is a security problem.

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adamolsonAuthor Commented:
So if I created a .profile that eliminated this, would it also be effective in a normal shell? Would this restrict them from cding to their dirs in their home dir?  can you send me your email address?  Adam
Yes, .profile would kill the cd functionallity for normal login.
And, $HOME/.profile is designed to be under users control!

BTW, ftp does not use the shell defined in /etc/passwd, so I
think (I've not checked the source) hilla's answer is not a
adamolsonAuthor Commented:
Hi...I figured out how to do it....if you ever need to know how, go to

this explains how to set it up so users have their home directories as root dir....thanks...Adam
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