How do I save Real Audio files to my Hard drive?

How can I save real audio files to my hard drive.  I'm using RealPlayer 4.0
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Where is the file you are tring to save? (ie. Web, Flopply drive)
If the sound is on the net, your audio player should open when the sound you want is played, just look at your task bar, then click it. Then select file then save as. However the file's can be protected any therefore unable to copy!
warnockmAuthor Commented:
Nope, no luck there
When clicking on teh link which initiates the audiostream. Either hold down shift when clicking, or try rightclick and select "save file"
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warnockmAuthor Commented:
You know, that answer was just stupid.  Sorry, but why would I ask it here, if it were that simple.  All that does is save the .ram files...

thanks anyway
Sorry, but to my knowledge the answer is that "you can't". What I mean is, the audio stream is encoded and stored on the audio server, and then is streamed over the net to the player. There is no provision to save these files to the hard disk. You can get an encoder from the RealAudio site to make your own realaudio clips and store *those* on your hard disk, but the quality is much poorer than a standard WAV file (though it is much smaller in size).
warnockmAuthor Commented:
"can't" isn't in my vocabulary :)
If the site has ftp connection then you can FTP the files to you, otherwise you better start adding new words in yuur dictionary as "impossible".

If "can't" isn't in your vocabulary, then I'd suggest you get a dictionary and start reading it. RealAudio is designed to allow audio streaming without people saving the file easily, otherwise everyone who put anything up would have to worry about it being bootlegged and showing up all over the Internet. Makes sense, doesn't it?

To maus: What exactly was the purpose in re-answering the question with the same answer I proposed, which was rejected?
warnockmAuthor Commented:
Naw....  I don't think so...
There is no save option with free RealPlayer on purpose.  This option IS available in ReaPlayer Plus.  They still want to make money on the program, hence they can't give you all the options available in the full program.  The only solution is to buy RealPlayer Plus to be able to save audio files on your computer.  Not everything in this world is free.
warnockmAuthor Commented:
I am using Player Plus.... It has the selectable recording thing....  But that is turned off for this file
Sure, but they created Real Player Plus with the way that creator of RAM file can specify that the file should be read only, and then Real Player Plus would not be able to save it.  It's all related to CopyRights laws.

Here is the except from their technical FAQ:

Why am I not able to record any files that the RealPlayer Plus 4.0 plays?

The Web site or provider who is supplying the content has the ability to decide if content is recordable. Due to copyright issues, some content cannot be recorded. If you want to record from a particular site, contact the site's Webmaster for permission.



warnockmAuthor Commented:
Thats cool, and all, but How do I get around that?
I don't think you can, its just the way it is.  Not everybody wants to get their songs away for free.  Again, it is related to copyright laws, and I don't think you can find the way to get around it. (Unless you want to become a hacker, and discover a new security bug in RealAudio).
1) Try sending E-Mail to RealAudio.
2) If this file is live transmission you can't save it cause it always changes.


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Try looking in your windows/temporary internet files/
all the .ra files u can find..

I assume you mean a *streaming* real audio file?

Ok, when you click on such a link, you are actually downloading
a .RAM file which is in your temp directory (in a DOS box type
set and look for the TEMP= line; if there isn't one, set one in
your autoexec.bat to a temporary directory.)

This .RAM file is just a one like text file containing the real
URL of the real audio file.  It is ordinarily fed directly to
the real audio player, which then accesses the target web server
with that URL using a streaming real audio protocal.

Anyways, to bypass this, simply read the .RAM file directly out
of your TEMP directory with the DOS type command or or
notepad, or whatever, and copy that URL to your browser.  Press
enter and wait for the download.  

When it is done, yet another file will be created in your TEMP
directory which will have a weird name, but it should be obvious
which file it is from the date and size (the name will be some
mangled temporary filename.)  Just rename it, copy it elsewhere
and you are done!

Holy Hack batman! :o)  I don't think the Real Player folks ever
intended people to get access to streamed audio files.  This is
a bonafied hack.  In fact I suspect as the real player and web server protocals improve they will eventually be able to develop a method to totally hide access to the .RA file and to never
save the entire file to the TEMP directory during the process of
streaming.  So hang onto this prehistoric hodge podge older
technology, you'll never be able to circumvent the versions of
the future.  :o)
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