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New CD drive install

drummers asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
I have installed a new cd drive. This is a new IDE drive on a new IDE interface (because this older machine did not have another ide connection on the motherboard). Anyway, following all instructions that came with the board and cd drive - The cd drive will open and close, The computer appears to recognize that the board and drive is there EXCEPT that IT REALLY DOESN'T !!! The computer does not allow you to access the cd drive AND does not place the "D" drive into the system... Basicly I have a 1/2 install. What do I need to do to get the computer to recognize the drive and allow it to function?
I will give all 200 points to the expert that supply me with all the details necessary to complete this installation !!!
Remember that we are talking about win 3.11.
It is  my sons computer - And I am only familiar with win 95.
I did check the autoexec and configsys - Both contain lines that were placed there by the cd install disk.
There are NO errors at startup..It acts like everything is correct and ready to go.. But it won't.

Watch Question

what port/irq did the setup put in your startups????
port 170 ????

The new board needs to be set to a secondary IDE address and IRQ.  You will have to check the documentation that comew with the controller card and make wure it is set to IRQ 15.

If you will email me with the name of the board and typw of cd along  with the mname of the device driver being used ( this is found in the config.sys -- device=XXXXX.sys /D:?????) I should be able to get this installed for you PROVIDING the bios on your motherboard will permit it.  What type of BIOS on motherboard -- pause the startup screen and copy the letters and numbers in the lower left-hand of the screen.



Answers You Requested:
1) device=LTNIDE.SYS
2) Lite-On Technology Corp. (cd drive manufacturer)
3) I have no idea what IRQ it's using.......Don't know how to check. It may not have a IRQ at this time.
4) Don't know the IDE interface board manufacturer. Got it from "Granny's". The computer recognizes it though........
5) Don't have a clue as to the BIOS. Don't know how to access this info. See NOTHING at start-up about BIOS. This is Win 3.11

Does any of this help???








Set the system to start in dos.
If you can see the cd then start looking in Windows for the correct settings.

The config.sys and autoexec.bat should have all the drivers in it.  It might be something like:


c:\dos\mscdex /d:ltnide /l:d

If you don't have both lines it is not going to work.

You can get help on the mscdex.exe at the command prompt.
c:\DOS>mscdex /?

The only thing you need to worry about is:
1)the entry after the /d: is the same as the one assigned by the device in the config.sys.
2)the entry after the /l: is a drive letter than is not in use.

Let me know.

If you can put you config.sys and autoexec.bat files in a comment here then I can fix it anf send it to you.

Good Luck.

Couple of possible "QUICK" fixes.  Check the line in your autoexec.bat file that looks something like:

(it may have more or less options after the MSCDEX part)

If the letter after the /L: is anything other than D then that is the letter it's trying to install the drive as.  Put a CD in the drive and type C:\>DIR <letter>:  (where <letter> is the letter after /L:)

If it still doesn't work, make sure that you have the CD drive itself set up to be the MASTER on that IDE card.  There should be jumpers on the back of the CD drive itself.  Most of them have MASTER SLAVE or CSEL (I THINK it's CSEL.  It's something like that)  Most of them come from the manufacturer set to SLAVE thinking people will just plug them into the existing IDE card.  If you add another IDE card and ONLY put the CD Drive on it, then it must be set to MASTER instead.

First: Look if DOS is able to see your CD-Drive. If not you must not look for an error wirh Windows. There could be several problems if your CD-Drive isn't accesable with DOS.
1.) The correct Driver for your CD ind config.sys and mscdex.exe in autoexec.bat. As I can see from the comments this should be correct.
2.) You say you have a new second IDE-Interface installed. First question: Why? You should be able to use your CD on the first port by changing the cable to a cable with 2 connectors.
3.) Did your PC recognize this seconf IDE-Interface. (This means have you the correct settings in your BIOS)
4.) Is your master/slave jumper correctly set on your CD. On the first IDE-port you should use Slave since your HD is Master. On the second IDE-Port use Master.

I know you have been told this already, but check the following :
device=<path>\LTNIDE.SYS /D:LTNIDE
  where <path> = path to driver, ie, C:\CDROM

You shouldnt need any other parameters.  The /L:x command will specify what driver letter to allocate to the CD-ROM.  Use this only if you want it to be something other than the next available drive letter.

Reboot the system and make sure you step through each line of your boot files (press F8 when Start MS-DOS... appears).  Pay close attention to the LTNIDE.SYS and MSCDEX lines in the config.sys and autoexec.bat files.  After your PC asks to load these lines, it should display some sort of information as to whether or not the drive has been detected.

If it still is not finding the drive, you may have to manually assign the IRQ and PORT addresses to the drive in the config.sys.  It may be easier to get a generic ATAPI CD-ROM driver which automatically detects what port and interrupt your ROM is using.

If you want this drive, I can email it too you (its about 5k and worth its weight in gold!)



You seem to be in a hurry for your answer, but we can only help you if you help us. Several people have asked if you can "see the drive from DOS?" What is the answer to this question? If it is yes, what is the drive letter that the CD-ROM is using?

in which mode do you install the CD-ROM, slave or Master, check it this option first

Have you made sure that you have the variable 'lastdrive=X'
(Cant remember if it should be in config or autoexec though)
but it should be set beyond C.
Dear Drummers,

Computers today are Stoneage-Technology, that needs a lot of interaction by the users just to serve us in our simplest tasks we want to use the computer for.

It seems from your comments and rejections, that you do not want to accept that fact and learn how to deal with it. That's OK for me but not for the others who put a lot of effort into very good answers.

The only sensible answer in this context is:

Go to the shop you bought the CD and/or Computer and let them fix it. Of course they will charge you, but that's the price you have to pay if you do not want to carry the burden of learning to mend Stoneage-Technology, which I can understand.



PS: you are a lucky one, you did not have serious Win95-Problems, you will be in much deeper trouble, if you will encounter them. Try Apple or a Java-Workstation next time, this is a bit more suited for the purpose it seems to be made for.

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    Well, obviously drummers can't see the cd from DOS....  Ok, first.  The secodary IDE should normally be configured at port 170, irq 15.  Some CD drivers use this switch: /p:170,15.  Not all, though.  I'm more curious, if you watch the boot up (use the pause key, or step-through with F8) what does the CDROM device driver say.  Normally it will say either 1 unit found, maybe it will say where, and the name of the unit.  Otherwise, it will say 0 units found, driver not installed.   Some drivers won't work with a secondary IDE.  That may be a possibility.  If a unit is found, then the CD-ROM is most likely woking properly.  Make sure LASTDRIVE is set above your last drive.  the AUTOEXEC.BAT should have a call to MSCDEX, and the device name ("/D:device") should match the one the CD Device driver uses.  If there is a "/L" in the MSCDEX line, then the letter of the CD  will be what ever letter comes after the "/L" provided LASTDRIVE is set higher.
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