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C Language question

This is crossposted to the following areas: CGI, C, Unix programming.
I'll anyway grade all the answers i may get.
But, please, don't just play for points ;)

I'm a self-made programmer, so do not have any kind of 'official' studies curriculum, besides of my professional experiences and works.

What i would like is your suggestions about getting some sort of degree by any institution on-line, in order to improve my skills and my chances to get a good working position.
Moreover, i have very poor knowledge about U.S. degrees - i.e., should i look for Colleges, or Universities, or what?

The only thing i may add is that i really like Computer Science and Mathematics; just to give you an idea: Algorithms in general, Combinatorial Optimization, maybe just Mathematics and Geometry applied to programming.

Is there on-line what i'm looking for?
Is this a good way to approach the problem?

Any advice or personal experience will be welcome.

Thanks in advance, julio
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This answer is not to put your off, but I am sure you will get much more response and better answer if you ask your question in some of the use net groups.

I think you should say which country you live in, and which contry you wish to live get a job in.
julio011597Author Commented:
Thanks tovergaard,

but i feel better in this forum; NGs are a quite different beast.

I'm from Italy, and would like to move ASAP, maybe to U.K., or U.S., or even Japan...
Anyway, i think internet will sooner or later make us break space barriers, so don't think this is so important - i'm young enough to think so :)

What i would like is - say - writing an e-mail to some international research group telling them "hey, i've some new ideas right for you!"; next i should say who am i, which leads to my current question and what i'm trying to do.

Regards, julio
Check out The Globewide Network Academy at
They offer over 10,000 courses and degree programs. This is
definitelly the number one on-line academic institution.

I don't know if it will improve your chances to get a good
position in the US, though. A CS degree from one of the good
universities is probably worth more to prospective employers.


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julio011597Author Commented:
Hi yonat,

could you, please, go a bit deeper?

I mean, finding Url's is not a problem (thanks anyway)... what i need is some advice; think that i don't even know what CS means!
So, i've looked into GNA, just to feel lost among all those possibilities, not to say that i cannot guess if that could be worth the effort.

What i need is:

1. what kind of degree (or whatever it should be called!) should i look for, given that i've currently no title recognized in U.S.?
2. in case i get it on-line, would it be of any value?
3. and, your opinions and suggestions about this approach - yes, really, your opinions; i.e., you did say something, but you didn't tell *why*!

Keep in mind my real goal (as already stated into the question):
improve my skills, and improve my chances to get a good working position.

Cheers, julio
julio011597Author Commented:
Ok, forget about CS...
> i don't even know what CS means!
Computer Science

> 1. what kind of degree (or whatever it should be called!)
> should i look for
From your description of yourself, as CS degree sounds the most
appropriate. A CS degree is the standard basis for programmers
and also system administrators.

> 2. in case i get it on-line, would it be of any value?
I don't know. Some of the on-line courses from GNA are sponsored
by good universities, so they are probably good courses. However
I don't know anyone who completed an on-line degree, so I don't
know how this is seen by employers.

> my real goal [...]: improve my skills, and improve my chances
> to get a good working position.
This are two different goals. I think on-line learning *can*
improve your skills. I am not sure it can increase your job-
market value, though.

I think the best thing is to enroll to a regular (not online)
university in the US. This has proven value, and there are many
graduates to prove that ...
julio011597Author Commented:
Thanks yonat, you made things clearer.

Just last thing: could you please give me a short list of 'good universities'? - i promise i won't ask more <g>.

Below is a short list, from the top of my head. I recommend that
you get a better list from the US embassy. There are lists of
the best universities in alomst every field.

Carnegie Mellon University http://www.cs.cmu.edu/
Berkeley http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/
MIT http://www-eecs.mit.edu/
Caltech http://www.cs.caltech.edu/
Princeton http://www.cs.princeton.edu/
Stanford http://www.cs.stanford.edu/
Cornell http://www.cs.cornell.edu/

julio011597Author Commented:
Ok yonat,

you've been kind and helpful... see you around :)

Cheers, julio
julio011597Author Commented:
 Hey yonat,

i've found this question again on the 'waiting for grade' state;
haven't i already graded your answer??

I don't know. There has been a lot of bugs in experts-exchange lately, and I don't keep count of the answered questions.
If you have graded this, you should ask support to give you back you unavailable points.
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