Cmd line util to find owner of a file?

Is there a command-line (i.e. non-gui) way to find the owner of a file? (Non-POSIX, please.)
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cerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
List open files over the network with:

PULIST from the resourckit list owner of running processes.

List ownership of a file:

Why not ls from Posix ?

dmagAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
dmagAuthor Commented:
I have the POSIX subsystem disabled. I've never found a utility that didn't work better when compiled to win32.

I tried FILES.EXE (in and it said: Error calling API CreateFile = 2

LS.EXE (in did indeed work. Thanks.

There is also a LS.EXE in the POSIX subdirectory from the resourcekit. I thought LS _is_ from posix.
dmagAuthor Commented:
Yes, there is a port of the UNIX ls that runs under the NT POSIX subsystem. I have disabled the POSIX subsystem, because it's silly.I was looking (and found) a version that was compiled for the win32 subsystem.
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