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I have a large app written in VB3 which I am improving, and moving into VB5.  One place in the app draws a line graph in a Picture Box. The old app did this (tediously) by using .line, and such.  In my new VB5 version, I thought I would try MSChart, because it is prettier (and not so tedious).  Pages 79 and 80 of the Microsoft VB Component Tools Guide show how to do this, but the description is murky and poorly described.

I have a one-dimensioned integer array of data to be plotted
   Dim Gdata(1000) as Integer
It is only partly filled, up to index Gmax (an integer), which I know.  How do I import that into MSChart?  I would appreciate someone showing me how.

My best efforts get the graph axis, with the vertical scale auto-scaled ok (so MSChart is "seeing" the data properly), but the horizontal scale has no numbers, just "R1".  -- And no curve is drawn.

Please help -- Norm Pos  
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normposAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
The easiest way is to set the .AutoIncrement property of the MSChart to True and give the successive values to the chart via its  .Data property
Don't forget to tell the chart how many rows will be displayed, via the RowCount property.
For example :

With MSChart1
    .AutoIncrement = True
    .RowCount = 20
    for I = 1 to 20
        .Data = m_array_of_values(i)
    next i
End With

That's all ! Hope it helped !

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normposAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  I'll try it and get back to you.  --  Norm
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normposAuthor Commented:
esi:  OK!  It works!  One puzzling thing, would appreciate your comments:  The x-axis apparently does not self-scale (with numbers) like the y-axis.  The y (vertical) axis is fine, but the x-axis insists on labeling every plotted point with a "Rx" number.  I fiddled around with the "properties" dialog for MSChart1 with no results.  The properties for the x and y axis appear to be the same in the properties dialog, but they don't work the same for some reason.  I finally deleted the y-axis and wrote my own scaling marks, but that should not be necessary.

Under "insertable objects" (components, under project menu), there is something called "Microsoft Graph 5.0".  I tried that, and my screen went nuts, with all kinds of windows blinking back and forth.  I had to give it the three-finger-salute to stop it.  Then, when I tried to turn the computer off the usual way, (start - shutdown) I got a plain white message box saying "Graph 5.0 cannot be stopped".  What to do?  I simply turned off the computer.  Nothing was damaged, it turned back on and booted up ok.  So what's with this Graph 5.0 thing?  --  Norm
I tried to use the Graph 5 OLE server (means you must include OLE objects handler in the controls of your project), but I gave up quickly for the reasons you mentionned above and seveal others too ;^(.
I figure out this graph control is used by the Office applications , but I prefered include the excellent Graph Server from Bits per Second shipped with VB (BPS Graph Control). It works via OLE too but works fine with much more properties and logarithmic Y scaling.
Well, hope it helped, and good luck !
normposAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  I don't recall seeing a "BPS" grapher in my installation.  I'll take another look.  Meantime, if you have a third party graphing package you would recommend, I would be interested in your suggestions.  --  Norm
Lock under "Pinnacle-BPS Graph Control" under the Ctrl-T components of VB, or if not install, click Browse and select the \Windows\System\GRAPH32.OCX , VB will then install it on your system.
Btw, my prefered is the VtChart Control from First Impression (the one shipped with Delphi 2), but it's not free if you need a commercrial (read redistribuable) licence.
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