VB4/16 BIT/hWndDisplay/AVI

I am using the hWndDisplay property of a multimedia control to display AVIs in a picture box.  The AVI to be displayed is selected by the user from a list.  I would like to automatically adjust the size of the picture box to fit the AVI, but I don't know what aspect/property of the AVI to address.  Is there a way to do this?  
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Have you tried to change the PictureBox to AutoSize?
Send mci command to the Avi to resize to coordinates you will give it (in pixels).
I've also paste how do I place the Avi on a windows since  don't know how you did it. (You would be nice to tell me.)
Here is the code:

Declare Function mciSendCommand Lib "winmm.dll" Alias "mciSendCommandA" (ByVal wDeviceID As Long, ByVal uMessage As Long, ByVal dwParam1 As Long, ByRef dwParam2 As Any) As Long
    Public Const MCI_WINDOW = &H841
        Public Const MCI_OVLY_WINDOW_ENABLE_STRETCH = &H100000
        Public Const MCI_OVLY_WINDOW_HWND = &H10000
            dwCallback As Long
            hwnd As Long
            nCmdShow As Long
            lpstrText As String
        End Type
    Public Const MCI_PUT = &H842
        Public Const MCI_OVLY_PUT_DESTINATION = &H40000
        Public Const MCI_OVLY_RECT = &H10000
            dwCallback As Long
            rc As RECT
        End Type

Dim API As Integer
        'Put in Window
            AviWindows.hwnd = frmMain.hwnd
            AviWindows.dwCallback = frmMain.hwnd
            API = mciSendCommand(frmMain.MMCtrl.DeviceID, MCI_WINDOW, MCI_OVLY_WINDOW_ENABLE_STRETCH + MCI_OVLY_WINDOW_HWND, AviWindows)
        'Scale to full Windows
            AviPutRect.rc.Bottom = frmMain.ScaleHeight
            AviPutRect.rc.Top = 0
            AviPutRect.rc.Left = 0
            AviPutRect.rc.Right = frmMain.ScaleWidth
            AviPutRect.dwCallback = frmMain.hwnd
            API = mciSendCommand(frmMain.MMCtrl.DeviceID, MCI_PUT, MCI_OVLY_PUT_DESTINATION + MCI_OVLY_RECT, AviPutRect)

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STKeithAuthor Commented:
I placed the AVI into the picture box with the following code:
MMControl1.hWndDisplay = Picture1.hWnd
MMControl1.command = "open"
MMControl1.command = "play"

P.S.  I tried setting the picture box autosize property to True, but apparantly that only works for graphics and not AVIs.
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