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Bozo has locked me out of my computer

Sajjad asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-26
I have a password sodtware for the mac called Bozo.  Unfortunately I don't know what the password is and so the program is not letting me in the system.  Is there a way to bypass Bozo or kill it?
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Well it kinda depends on how dumb the software is. with a name like bozo it sounds like it should be easy. If its just an extension that you set a password on try booting up with the shift key held down to disable extensions. then remove the extension and voila problem gone. if the software is smarter than that and actually changes parts of your system (like folderbolt) your chances are a bit slimmer. i personally have never seen anyone get around things like folderbolt and therefore dont have many suggestions for you there. but TRY the extension trick. SOMETIMES it works. but then again...sometimes it dont.


I already tried hold down the shift key and disabled the extension folder.  However I guess this is a smart program.

Well in that case you have two options. YOu can actually CALL the company who made the program and see what they know about specifically getting into it. They will probably ask for verification that you actually bought the program and the universal unlock code may be specific to that serial number. if you didnt actually buy the program you can try calling them anyway and see if they have sympathy. Treat it like asking your local ISP guru a tough question, brownies will solve any problem. if they offer no help as to a universal unlock code pretty much your only option is to reformat. I shoudnt say only but thats the only option that i could suggest that i know of other than calling the company. Good luck man.

whoopse sorry...probably shouldnt have said "man" because you could very easily be female. so "Good luck!"

Get a startup disk like a cd that came with the computer or a disk that is a startup disk, or get one made for you. Then start your computer holding down the "c" key and walla remove bozo! totally! if it is locked use the "option" key will deleting the trash

if bozo is REALLY good it patches that fix but its worth a try. I know with nortondisklock or folderbolt it actually changes the boot blocks of your drive to prevent you from doing that but its worth a try.


I did not understand what you meant by hold down option while deleting? Can you explain further.

OK when you get to the point were bozo is in the trash and it says it cannot be deleted because it is locked then hold down option which will allow you to delete locked items, have you been sucsesful so far?


Nate 01, I don't know how to get to the point where Bozo is in the trash.  When I booted from the CD the Hardrive contents are masked.  I can not see them. Nor can I do anything to them.

ok go to that point and use  res edit to just totally reck it like delete it all then throw it away next restart.

Resedit is not the way around this problem. In most cases it will only make things worse unless you really know how to use it. I take it you havent played with resedit much and this is probably a bad place to start. It sounds like bozo did a good job of rewriting the boot blocks of your HD so a boot disk isnt going to help you. Have you called the company that made bozo? If thats not an option for you either do your best to try to remember the password you used or reformat. Good disklock programs are made so that you CANT get thru it. Thats their purpose and its what they do best. Ony one simple trick isnt going to do it because then the software would be useless.

Nate01 and weed made all the right first-try suggestions. Can you tell us if you were able to boot off a CD-ROM or a floppy disk, as suggested by Nate01? It is not clear from your answer whether you could. If so, please tell us what happened then.


yes can you cause if you could then you can move around with bozo off and we could help "disable/disembowl" bozo for you! i can get the program!

"When I booted from the CD the Hardrive contents are masked. I can not see them. Nor can I do anything to them." He can boot from a CD but cannot see the HD. And thus cant modify its contents. Corrupting the contents of bozo isnt going to disable it. Its MUCH more complicated than that. Like i said before "if something simple worked every idiot and his uncle would be weaseling into locked computers and thus the locking program would be useless."

Sorry, I somehow missed Sajjad's comment to that effect. Careless of me. Apologies for the error. I agree with weed's last comment. "Bozo" is certainly unlikely to be as clownish as the name suggests. Weed's right - the manufacturer is your best hope - but you have yet to convince them that you own the right to get past their protection. And you still have to hope that they are willing to let you into one of their trade secrets. Frankly, I don't like your chances. The documentation must say something about the consequences of not getting past their security (e.g., by losing the password) and what your options then are. Have you checked what they say about this?

Right. I just did what each of us should have done before we came in on this - I went to www.shareware.com and downloaded a copy of the Bozo program. I looked over the documentation - carefully!

The key sentence is this one:

      "Keep the Bozos Out is an INIT/Extension that offers simple password protection for your Macintosh's hard drives.  If you don't know the password at startup, you can't access your hard drive.  The operative word with this software is "Bozo".  While certain Macintosh power users and hackers can circumvent KtBO, the average Bozo that just wants to fool around with your machine in your absence is out of luck."

There is nothing in the documentation to suggest a fix if you lose the password, and no offer of help if you do. But what is said above indicates that you have very few options.

1. Take your hard drive to a Mac expert - a person who is "not the average bozo" like me who wouldn't fool around with resedit unless I knew EXACTLY what I was doing. This is the fastest and surest way, and what you will probably HAVE to do in the end.  OR:

2. Reformat the hard drive by booting off something that will allow you to do so.  Drastic, but the mask is not going to miraculously disappear from your hard drive. (I don't even know if it will be easy to do a reformat given the Bozo restrictions.)  OR:

3. Think VERY hard about what you might have changed the password to - the documentation says that the program is case-sensitive, which means that you might have the right word but you need to try different combinations if you used capitals in the password you assigned the drive. If you think you can remember vaguely what it was you gave it, then it is worth a try to fluke it by being persistent. (It was YOUR password, wasn't it???)

4. If you get out of it, remove Bozo or remember your password! [Note that the documentation tells you to move it out of the system folder and RESTART immediately, NOT shut down, or you will give yourself further problems.]

There are no other answers that will work. Bozo is doing exactly what it was designed to do. It doesn't give second chances. You MUST call the experts in or reformat the drive. Guess you won't thank me for not providing a magical solution, but there isn't one.  Sorry.


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OK, I guess what you and Reed have been saying is right. I don't know much about resedit and I don't want to screw the machine any more than it is. I want to thank you for at least downloading the sspecs on the software and reading on it.I'm going to take the machine to an expert. Thak you all for trying.
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