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I was wondering how I could align a form to the desktop, like the taskbar is align default to the bottom. I have tried form1.align:= altop; but that did not work :(


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Use the 'Screen' object to get the desktop client size.

Form1.Top := (Screen.Height - Height) DIV 2;
Form1.Left := (Screen.Width - Width) DIV 2;
etc etc

Ian C.
chrbAuthor Commented:
This centered the window, what I wanted was to align it to the top so no other windows go over it.

If you want it at the top wouldn't you set Form1.Top := 0 ??
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chrbAuthor Commented:
I want to make a bar like the taskbar, if you don't set the option to hide automaticly none program will go over it. Excactly like if have a MDI form and put a component on it and align it, other MDI child will not go over it.

(Sorry my bad english)
Now I understand what you are trying to do.  The screen or desktop is not exactly like a container (like a panel or form).  For example, if you run any pgm, it can be covered by another whether or not it is at the top of the desktop.  Let me see if there is a way to make the desktop look like it 'starts' lower (after the first pgm is running).
It sounds like you want it to Stay on Top and not be covered by any other form.  If that is what you want check out the Object Inspector for the form.  There is a property called FormStyle.  It has the option of making the form fsStayOnTop.  No other program/form will go "over" the form, they will always go "under" the form.  

Then to align it to the top of the screen use the suggestion that icampbe1 gave and do your own calculations for the size of the form based on the Screen object (screen width and height are availible).  Use Top:=0 and Left:=0 to make it at the top and then assign the Width to the Screen Width and Height to whatever you want.  

I'm not sure how to INFORM Windows that the now availible screen area is less when not hiding and regular (minus a few pixels) when the your "taskbar" is in hide mode.  That can create problems later if a user starts a program and Windows places the title bar completely under your stay on top "taskbar."  There is probably an API call to tell windows that.  The problem is finding the right one :-)  I'll search for one if I have time.

Good Luck,
chrbAuthor Commented:
Increase to 120
chrbAuthor Commented:
I have found out that I must use the shappbarmessage, but I can't get it work :(
procedure TForm1.OnCreate(Sender: TObject);
 AppBar: tAppBarData;
 I: Integer;
 AppBar.cbSize:= SizeOf( tAppBarData);
 AppBar.hWnd:= Handle;
 AppBar.uEdge:= ABE_TOP;
 I:= SHAppBarMessage( ABM_NEW, AppBar);

Please help ! Thanks !

This is actually quite complicated. I suggest that you search for a component called in the Delphi Super Pages (or other Delphi sites), it's a freeware that implements this feature.


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