How to change windows default printer (delphi 1.0)

How to change windows default printer via delphi 1.0?
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In the system components area there is a Printer Dialog which gives access to all the expected Printer options/settings just add the component to one of your forms and then attach some code to a button to execute the printer dialog.

Now if you require to preform a programmatic change to the default printer - that may be a little more difficult than 50 points would indicate.

I have found another answer to an earlier similar question that may help - it talks about changing the default printer in win31 and refers to WIN API's.

Feel free to have a look at that answer and reject mine if you wish.

olmyAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took so long. There was something wrong with this system -> I could not grade your answer
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I think that you must use the TPrinter object.
Because, you can use :
 * GetPrinter  to know the list of the Windows printer actually    
 * SetPrinter to assign the printer that you want used.
 For more information, look at the Delphi help file on
TPrinter unit and CreateDC in WIN32 API Help File.




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olmyAuthor Commented:
Hi Chova

Are you sure that SetPrinter changes windows default printer?

In online saids "You should seldom, if ever, need to call this method, but instead should access the printer you want in the Printers property array" <- And with Printers property array you can't change the default printer of windows, only the default printer in your own program.
Hi people,
perhaps the Registry could be a good direction to work on it ?
olmyAuthor Commented:
OK, lets try that.
Comment for "itamar" this should work in windows 3.x also.
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