Bigger Fonts in DOS Window

For my 1024x768 resolution, how can I get,
for example, a 16x24 font for my DOS window?
The greatest available is the 10x18 font.

The other fonts, 12x16, 16x8 and 16x12 are unusuable.
for they appear not well proportioned.

"Reinhold Burkia" <>
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johnsmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hang a magnifying glass in front of your monitor.
You can't have a 16x24 font in a DOS window, but if you want the window appears bigger and more proportinal or readable, you can type one of these lines:
It will solve your problem.
sittingbullAuthor Commented:
Are these experts?
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johnsm answer is clever but not very helpful.

I know of no way to add DOS screen fonts.  The only solution I can tell you would be to run full screen mode.  Use ALT enter to toggle this.

sittingbullAuthor Commented:
Dear Bogey,
of course, I can do Alt-Enter. The problem ist tha in full
screen DOS Winfax Pro 4 dos not answer the calls.

Maybe I went away from my computer place and forget to do the Alt=Enter...
Since everybody's having so much fun with this question, why not use the old mode command, and go to a 40 char per line screen - that'll get you some big ugly characters!
sittingbullAuthor Commented:
I use the DOS window intensively for my Open Access IV databases, that I wan't to change for now.
No fun with 40 columns...
Ciao all.
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