486 PC on a Mac network?

I have a Power Mac 9500, a Quadra 900, and an HP4MV printer networked together using Ethernet (those RJ-45 jack thingies) and some Farallon transceivers. Running OS 7.5.5 on both Macs, and using Open Transport.

I have a 486 PC I'd like to add to the Mac network, primarily to access the printer. I have an Ethernet card in thee PC. The PC is running Windows 95.

What do I need to add the PC to my little two-computer network?
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You shouldnt have to add anything. as long as all the computers are communicating with TCP/IP they should all be able to talk to eachother. Of course your PC may have problems seeing the macs but the macs will have no problem with the PC. (this is why i love my Mac) Someone please correct me if im wrong on this. 486 machines may have a different setup that im not aware of.
doolyAuthor Commented:
I can configure the PC for TCP/IP (in fact, I'm using it for this connection). However, I'm concerned about the PC not being able to see the Macs, and consequently, the printer.

Also, I think some additional hardware is needed, since I need something to plug the PC into. I need to know what I should get.

Currently, I have one Farallon transceiver attached to my Quadra 900. The attachment at the Quadra is one of those AAUI(?) connectors. From there the connection spilts into two RJ-45 jacks for the Ethernet. One goes to an RJ-45 connector at the back of the Power Mac, and the other goes into an RJ-45 connector at the back of the HP4MV.

I'll play around with a Quadra-PC-printer connection (I have only one Farallon tranceiver, not two as stated previously). If I get it to work, weed get the points. If it doesn't, I'll report back so someone else can take a shot.
doolyAuthor Commented:
I tried connecting the Ethernet line from the 486 PC into one of the Farallon Ethernet jacks (that left me with the Quadra, HP 4MV and PC linked together). No network available as far as the PC could see (big surprise). No network servers available to the Mac either.

Sorry weed, I'm going to reject your answer as it stands now, but, I've upped the points a bit.

Do I need addition hardware? Do I need any special software. I'm currently using the Client for Microsoft Networks that comes with Win95. Is that adequate?

I may be stretching one a single post into too many questions, but I think they're all closely related to the original question. Please correct me if I'm wrong, and I'll either up the points or split the question.
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OK here is your answer.

Firstly I recommend PC MacLan to network your PC to the Macs as it runs AppleTalk by installing software on the PC only. You dont need to put any (possible buggy) software on your Mac to use AppleTalk with your PC, I guessed the 486 was in use less than your Macs.

BUT - you dont need network the Macs and PC's to share the printer you can allow both access without the need to share resources. so the above is only if you want to AppleTalk the computers - ITS NOT NEEDED as part of the answer to your original question.

I presume you have some sort of HUB on your network? The hub will allow all your devices to sit happily together, simply plug each device into the free sockets on the hub and print away!

BTW - if you dont have a Hub then spend the 100 bucks (or less) to get one.

A note to anyone considering buying a printer to put on the network for use by Macs and PC's. Be aware of spending a lot of money on 'Mac' versions of printers (ie HP laserJet 6 for PC and 6MP for Mac - which costs TWICE as much for a Mac version than a PC version in the UK!!!). You can buy (my company make them) a box that enables any computer to print to a parallel printer over an Ethernet connection using AppleTalk or TCP/IP - yes INTERNET PRINTING! (the latter is still in alpha testing on the Mac, though I have little more than to add error handling and tidy up the GUI).
The box can be used with any parallel or serial printer and accepts AppleTalk,Netware or TCP/IP.


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doolyAuthor Commented:
Just touching in with you atlas -- I'm waiting for a demo copy of PC MacLAN. With it, I should be able to verify your answer and give you a grade. Judging by the salesman's comments, it looks promising...
doolyAuthor Commented:
Got PCMacLAN, and it's clear to me it should work. Just can't get it going yet, but I'll pick it up with them.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I've set up PC MacLan at home without problem. Let me know if you get no joy with the tech support guys and I'll ofer any help I can. Its fairly simple to install, which is surprising for a PC program.

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