FreePPP,TCP/IP multiple configs + ISP's conflicts

Posted on 1997-07-18
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
subject:  TCP/IP multiple config. / ISP log on conflicts

If anybody could give some expert advice (God knows, my ISP doesn't have a clue!) on this problem I would greatly appreciate it.

The run down:  

I am using:       OT 1.1.2
                        TCP/IP 1.1.2
                        AOL (3.0)
                        Netscape(3.0, 4.0)

I have 2 ISP's, 1 uses a PPP server/connection (univ. account) and the other uses a BootP server/connection (AOL).

I frequently go between the 2 in a given session. I have no problem switching the TCP/IP control panel configs (I actually have the configs saved so I can minimize my clicking). I also have several third party items to assist in the hassle of switching ( control strips, control panels, extension), but that's not the real problem.

The REAL problem:
When I first connect to my PPP server/account, use it, quit; then switch the TCP/IP config - everything seems fine. I then log on to the BootP server(AOL) and it works fine EXCEPT, I can't run Netscape. I get the message that 'Netscape was unable to open a  network socket connection

REAL Problem #2
If I start out with my AOL (TCP/IP configured before start-up) account(BootP server) and activate Netscape - it works fine; but if I try to go  back to my PPP server/account and then run Telnet 2.7, I get an error code 11

My insight: I think the TCP/IP driver is not allowing the config to be totally recognized in some way or another to differing servers in the same session, or the config is not totally recognized so that adjunct software can be utilized through a given Internet connection (i.e. AOL connection)

I was told that I would have to restart my computer with the new TCP/IP config everytime I want to use a different ISP. Surely this is not true, is it??????

That defeats the purpose/need for having different ISP's. There surely must be a way of switch the connection configs, w/o restarting, on-the-fly and during the same session - but, in a way that will allow me to run whatever software without weirdo error messages and crashes.

I truly believe the problem lies in the TCP/IP driver. Perhaps it has its limitations and this is one of them.

Further thought leads me to believe that the serial/modem port is not relinquishing the code info sent by the TCP/IP driver or OT, thus not allowing a completely compatible connection for whatever server I am currently on,

Ohh, BTW, before someone suggests reinstalls, I've reinstalled pertinent items about 5X in the past 2 days - same problems occur.

HELP!!!! is greatly appreciated
Question by:Admiral
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ID: 1542221
Have you tried using OT/ppp instead of FreePPP?

Author Comment

ID: 1542222
I installed OT/PPP moments after I posted the question; but, I now have further ???'s.

When I received my PPP account (University account) they gave me their own PPP connection software (based on FreePPP). They have a connect script embedded in the Config PPP control panel I need to use every time I want to connect. How do I get that connect script out of the control panel to put into the OT/PPP PPP control panel. Secondly, I configured the OT/PPP PPP control panel as outlined but the 'connect' button is grayed out - I can't connect to my PPP server.

Should I delete the University's PPP software and then try OT/PPP software??
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ID: 1542223
The connect script you got was probably nothing more than a script telling your computer what to say when your isp comes up with "login:" and "password:"..Also you may need to select PPP in the TCP/ip controll panel and restart. As far as the greyed out connect button there are so many little things that could be causing the problem that i dont even know where to start. Can anyone else jump in here??
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Why do you even have two ISPs? You can have AOL use a TCP/IP connection, and thus you would never have to switch your connection. I frequently use AOL with Netscape running at the same time, all with the same connection.

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ID: 1542225
Also, about the connect script: First, you must go to the Config PPP control panel and somehow export the connect script. Now go to the PPP control panel. Hit the "Options" button. Go to the "Protocol" Tab. Click the check box "Connect to a command-line host". Click the radio button "Use connect script:". Finally, click the "Import Script..." button, and navigate to file you just exported from the Config PPP control panel.
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ID: 1542226
slinky:AOL and netscape are totally different. One is an isp and one is a web browser. So if he wants to use AOL he needs to dial into his aol account. if the wants to use his real ISP he has to dial into his real isp.

Expert Comment

ID: 1542227
No, no, no. I use AOL by having AOL use my PPP connection to access its server. AOL has a location in its location menu entitled "TCP (for LAN or ISP)". If you select that, it can use a PPP connection. AOL does no dialing whatsoever.

Accepted Solution

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ID: 1542228
I think that AOL uses it's own PPP driver (I am not with AOL, since I am my own provider, but I have seen it on other peoples Mac). So, what you do, when you switch providers, you also switch between drivers (one is FreePPP the other is AolPPP or whatever).

As a matter of fact the OT/TCP/IP needs a reboot when switching drivers. If you try a connection without reboot, you won't really come on-online and the error messages of Netscape, telnet or any other network software are just typcial for that situation.

A work around could be, what slinkyslug suggested: use FreePPP to connect to AOL.

Sorry for bad news,

Peter (


Expert Comment

ID: 1542229
I think pxh (to name but a few) is on the right track here, heres why I think this is so...
A dial in and login, also account verification is needed by your ISP, this is how you are billed for your time on the net.
When you try to switch between sessions (if it was allowed by the firewall security procedures between internet servers)you would actually be on the net thru two separate ISP's and ;-) billed twice. This is actually an over simplification of the matter. The bootom line is ISP's expect dial in connections so they can earn a crust. Having said that, all ISP's have a website for public use.

Expert Comment

ID: 1542230
OT/TCP/IP most certainly doesn't require a reboot when switching drivers - switching drivers is something i do all the time, without any problems and without having to reboot..
would it be possible to obtain a detailed description of the configuration of all related control panels?

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