Anyone know how to use cards.dll?

Posted on 1997-07-22
Last Modified: 2011-04-14
I would like to make some card games or stuff like that and heard that there is a way to use the cards.dll file to access pre made cards.  If anyone knows how to access them, please share your wisdom :)
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Declarations and utilities for using CARDS.DLL.

CARDS.DLL is standard with Microsoft Windows. It is used by Solitaire (SOL.EXE), Hearts, etc... as a standard card drawing library.


'general (form level) declarations
 Dim nWidth As Integer, nHeight As Integer

 Sub Form_Load ()
  x% = CdtInit(nWidth, nHeight)
 End Sub

 Sub Form_Unload (Cancel As Integer)
  ret% = CdtTerm()
 End Sub

'a command button placed on form1
 Sub Cards_Click ()
  Xleft% = 0
  For i = 0 To 51 Step 4
   ret% = CdtDraw(hdc, Xleft%, 0, i, C_FACES, &HFFFF&)
   Xleft% = Xleft% + nWidth / 4
  Xleft% = 0
  For i = 1 To 51 Step 4
   ret% = CdtDraw(hdc, Xleft%, nHeight, i, C_FACES, &HFFFF&)
   Xleft% = Xleft% + nWidth / 4

  Xleft% = 0
  For i = 2 To 51 Step 4
   ret% = CdtDraw(hdc, Xleft%, nHeight * 2, i, C_FACES, &HFFFF&)
   Xleft% = Xleft% + nWidth / 4

  Xleft% = 0
  For i = 3 To 51 Step 4
   ret% = CdtDraw(hdc, Xleft%, nHeight * 3, i, C_FACES, &HFFFF&)
   Xleft% = Xleft% + nWidth / 4

 'draw card backs
  For i = 53 To 68
   xx% = (i - 53) * nWidth / 3.74
   ret% = CdtDraw(hdc, 4.1 * nWidth, xx%, i, C_BACKS, &HFFFF&)
 End Sub

* MODULE1.BAS (global module) *
 'Delarations and utilities for using CARDS.DLL

 'Actions for CdtDraw/Ext
 ' use in the nDraw field
 Global Const C_FACES = 0
 Global Const C_BACKS = 1
 Global Const C_INVERT = 2

 'Card Numbers
 ' use in the nCard field
 'from 0 to 51    [Ace (club,diamond,heart,spade), Deuce, ... , King]

 'Card Backs
 ' use in the nCard field
 ' CAUTION: when nCard > 53 then nDraw must be = 1 (C_BACKS)
 Global Const crosshatch = 53
 Global Const weave1 = 54
 Global Const weave2 = 55
 Global Const robot = 56
 Global Const flowers = 57
 Global Const vine1 = 58
 Global Const vine2 = 59
 Global Const fish1 = 60
 Global Const fish2 = 61
 Global Const shells = 62
 Global Const castle = 63
 Global Const island = 64
 Global Const cardhand = 65
 Global Const UNUSED = 66
 Global Const THE_X = 67
 Global Const THE_O = 68

 ' call before anything else. Returns the default
 ' width and height for the cards, in pixels.
 Declare Function CdtInit Lib "CARDS.DLL" (nWidth As Integer, nHeight As Integer) As Integer
 'CdtDraw used to draw a card with the default size
 'at a specified location in a form, picture box or whatever.
 'It can draw any of the 52 faces an 13 different Back designs,
 'as well as pile markers such as the X and O. Cards can also
 'be drawn in the negative image, eg to show selection.
 'xOrg = x origin in pixels
 'yOrg = y origin in pixels
 'nCard = one of the Card Back constants or a card number 0 to 51
 'nDraw = one of the Action constants
 'nColor = The highlight color
 Declare Function CdtDraw Lib "CARDS.DLL" (ByVal hDC As Integer, ByVal xOrg As Integer,
       ByVal yOrg As Integer, ByVal nCard As Integer, ByVal nDraw As Integer, ByVal nColor&)
       As Integer

 'CdtDrawExt used to draw a card in any size
 'Much the same as CdtDraw, but you can specify the height & width
 'of the card, as well as location.
 'nWidth = Width of card in pixels
 'nHeight = Height of card in pixels.
 Declare Function CdtDrawExt Lib "CARDS.DLL" (ByVal hDC As Integer, ByVal xOrg As Integer,
       ByVal yOrg As Integer, ByVal nWidth As Integer, ByVal nHeight As Integer, ByVal nCard
       As Integer, ByVal nDraw As Integer, ByVal nColor&) As Integer

 'CdtTerm should be called when the program terminates.
 ' Primarily it releases memory back to Windows.
 Declare Function CdtTerm Lib "CARDS.DLL" () As Integer

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