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Got a used video card, I'm told SVGA. Most of the chips are Realtek, one big one is Winbond. There is 512K RAM on board, and three jumpers. JP 1 & 2 are two pin jumpers, top middle on the card, while JP 3 is at the bottom right near the back, and has 3 pins. What is this card, and what are the various jumper settings? There is no name on the card, and the part number PT-507A.
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If you have access to MSDOS 5 or above type MSD<enter> at the command line and you will be presented with a system information screen.  One of the options is "Video adapter" or similar.  Selecting that option will tell you about the card.
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Basically, the name on this old card really isn't the issue.  It probably won't be detected pas starndard VGA under win95 anyway, and the company probably hasn't even bothered making win95 compatible drivers.  Not trying to be cynical, just realistic.  It can be used without any consideration to manufacturer though.
I assume you have this card running already. If so, go to the following URL:
and download sdd53a.exe. Install and this proggie (which comes with DOS-drivers also), and it tells you everything you want to know about your card.
The DOS-only version is on:

Good luck and let me know if it worked,
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Sorry about rejecting the answer, but the card is not installed. I'm hesitant to do so without knowing the proper jumper settings. As purchased, none of the jumpers were even there, and I know that can't be right. I would like to ID it and know the proper jumper settings before I put it in.
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Video Cards for the most part do not conflict with other hardware.  You ussually do not set resources on a video card.  The only thing I can think of those jumbers could be is to toggle between CGA\VGA or some other video mode.  I would go ahead and plug it in and see what happens.  BTW-do you have PCI slots?  If you do, you can buy a NEW PCI video card for less than $50.
Please identify the chip's numbers, so we can search at chiplevel.
On most older cards there's a jumpersetting for 8bit/16bit slot usage and enable/disable use of IRQ9 (required by older software).
Also some cards have a jumpersetting for interlaced/non interlaced operation on higher resolutions.
Either way, the card should work without any jumper on it. You can't possibly damage your system, unless something is blown or shorted on your card...

The PT-507A is by Pine Technology.

JP1 Open=Interlaced, Closed=NonInterlaced
JP2 Address Decode Configuration  Open=FAST, Closed=Slow
JP3 Pins 1&2 closed=INT 2/9, Pins 2&3=INT 7

There is nothing remarkable about this card.  It is only worth about $10.

PINE TECHNOLOGY                                  

(908) 321-3700

(908) 321-3636

WWW address:


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