Dynamic Link Error Message

I have a problem with my Win95 configuration that has resulted in some severe down time and serious crashes.

I have been forced to leave my computer running 24 hrs a day so as not to bring up the glitch almost every time I start the thing. On those occasions I turn my computer off and then restart it, I am almost always presented with a blue screen that gives me the following message:

Invalid VxD dynamic link call from NWREDIR(04) +000000D0 to device "0487", service 6

I can eventually get my system running again (after numerous reboots, configuring the registry in Safe Mode, or sometimes copying my good backup DAT files from their safe directory over the screwed-up ones in Windows) but I would like to know what's causing the error message in the first place. Ironically, I rarely see this blue screen message when I reboot from a lock-up or crash. It almost always occurs when booting clean after a normal shutdown.

I have a suspicion that my problem is related to my video card (a Sierra Screamin' 3D accelerator card with a Rendition Verite chipset and 4MB of EDO DRAM) because the problems seemed to start when I put it in in place of my old 1MB S3 PCI card. I have upgraded the card's BIOS to the latest version on Sierra's website and am using the latest available drivers for it. If it's causing the problem I'm at a loss to understand why.

What's causing this ongoing error?

My system specs:
Pentium 133 (Intel), Award BIOS version 4.51 PG, 32MB EDO RAM,  Sierra Screamin' 3D Video Card w/4MB EDO DRAM
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Error Message: Invalid VxD Dynamic Link Call from...

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Check your device manager for conflicts or multiple entries, and let me know what you see.
If there is a problem with a device, it is listed in
the hardware tree list under Computer. The
problem device has a symbol indicating the type of problem:

A black exclamation point (!) on a yellow field indicates
the device is in a problem state. A
device in a problem state can be functioning.
A problem code explaining the problem is
displayed for the device.

A red "X" indicates a disabled device. A disabled
device is a device that is physically present
in the system, consuming resources, but does not
have a protected-mode driver loaded.

A blue "i" on a white field on a device resource in
Computer properties indicates that Use
Automatic Settings is not selected for the device and
that the resource was manually
selected. It does not indicate a problem or disabled state.

NOTE: Some sound cards and video adapters do not report all
the resources they are using to Windows 95. This can
cause Device Manager to show only one device in conflict, or no
conflicts at all. This can be verified by disabling the
sound card, or using the standard VGA
video driver too see if the conflict is resolved.
(This is a known problem with S3 video cards
and 16-bit Sound Blaster sound cards, or those sound cards using Sound Blaster
for Sound Blaster compatibility.)
When you select a specific device in Device Manager,
then click the Properties button, you
see a property sheet. The property sheet has a General tab.

NOTE: Some devices may have other tabs besides the General tab.
Not all property sheets
have the same tabs; some devices may have a Resource tab,
Driver tab, and Settings tab, or some combination of these.

At the top of the property sheet, there is a description
of the device. When you click the
Resource tab, the window in the middle of the tab indicates
which resource types are available for the selected device.

The scroll box at the bottom of the contains a Conflicting
Device list. This list indicates a conflict with an error code.
Note the Use Automatic Settings check box. If Windows 95
successfully detects a device,
this check box is selected and the device should function
correctly. However, if the resource
settings are based on Basic Configuration <n> (where <n> is
any number from 0 to 9), it may
be necessary to change the configuration by selecting a
different basic configuration from the
list. If the particular configuration you want for the
device is not listed as a basic configuration,
it may be possible to click the Change Settings button to
manually adjust the resourcevalues.

For example, to edit the Input/Output Range setting, use these steps:
1. Click the Use Automatic Settings check box to clear it.
2. Click the Change Setting button.
3. Click the appropriate I/O range for the device.
Please see:http://www.microsoft.com/support/tshoot/w95startup.HTM

Get back to me.
Andy_MahoodAuthor Commented:
The Microsoft Technical Support page you referred me to was quite informative and told me that the Invalid VxD Dynamic Link call relates to a Windows 95 NetWare-compatible redirector. Now that I'm armed with that knowledge how do I go about fixing the problem. I don't even know what a NetWare redirector is let alone how to locate and remove or repair it.

Also, while checking the Device Manager on my system as you recommended I was able to find a device in a problem state. The 3 drivers for some Logitech joysticks I tried out some time ago (and no longer have on my system) show a black exclamation point on a yellow field. Although this does not appear to relate to the larger problem mentioned above should I remove these drivers from my system to clear the problem state?
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Absolutely, also remove any references to thjem from your Win.ini, system.ini. and your registry. Here's and example where I'm using supra modem to search and remove. You would be looking for Logitech. Example and method.
1.When windows detects two devices (usually this happens with pnp) you should delete all the
devices of the same type detected. Then reboot windows, and windows will detect the device.
Install the drivers, and you solved the problem. If the pnp system detects a device twice, simply
ignore the install request, and get the lastest driver for it. This is important. Windows will detect all
the pnp unknown hardware: to avoid problems ensure to have all the drivers needed for your PC.
2. I did a search of my registry with regedit, using as a "Search Phrase", Supra, the name that
showed my Supra Fax Modem in Device Manager. To be sure I found all entries for it in the
registry. I then deleted all references to the modem. I mean I deleted the entire key, not just the
entry. When I re booted Win95. The Supra was installed. I haven't had the problem since.
Wer have other fix's if this doesn't work.
let me know
Andy_MahoodAuthor Commented:
OK, sounds like a plan but I will still have the problem with the NetWare Redirector as mentioned in my last comment. Does the joystick driver problem have anything to do with that? The Invalid VxD dynamic link call has been identified as NWREDIR (NetWare Redirector) and that's the puppy I've got to defeat to get my system back to normal.

P.S. I'm planning to kick the points up to 300 once I get this part figured out.
Sorry I didn't address that.
VREDIR.vxd should be in your windows\systems
NWREDIR.vxd should be in your windows\system
If they are or are not, here's what we do.
You need to extract them from your 95 CD-ROM:
To extract from CD, 1st CD to the X:\win95> prompt  then type the following:
Where X is the drive letter of your CD. Reboot to a Dos prompt, use F4 whan you see Starting Windows 95.
If those files are on your system, rename them from dos first,
Don't bother with the VREDIR.vxd, unless the above still doesn't work. If this is not clear enough let me know. It's real handy to have a Txt file with all the files of the CD there for reference.
Below is a batch file that will create one for you. Once run you can put the Listcab.txt where ever you want and delete the Extract directory created.


Get back with me.
Oh, I don't know if the joystick problem is connected to this?

Go to http://www.microsoft.com/kb/default.asp
At Step1. Choose windows95
At Step5. enter "Logitech" as a search phrase. No quotes.
if nothing pertaining to you the try "Logitech joysticks" as a search phrase.

I commend you for your fastidious reading. Most people don't want to take the time to learn.
Andy_MahoodAuthor Commented:
I'll try your suggestions. (I rated the advice as "excellent" and increased the points to 300)

Please get back to me with a success stoty. I don't want to leave you hanging. Also want to know which little thing does the trick for my database. You'd be doing me a big favor.
It's been a pleasure working with you.

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