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Posted on 1997-07-24
Last Modified: 2006-11-17
I am a beginner using boreland C++ and am trying to learn out of a book. Using enum and class, i need to create a class decleration for a traffic light. Assume the light can be in one of three states: green, amber, or red. We should be able to check this state or change it. Please help me by creating this class.   thank you
Question by:ljmiller
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ID: 1165899
// start header file
class CLight {
int m_nLightState;
enum STATE {
S_GREEN = 0,
CLight (intt state ) {m_nLightState = state;};
inline void SetState(int state) {m_nLightState = state;};
inline int GetState const {return m_nLightState};

// Start using class
CLight lt(lt::S_RED);
Thats all


Author Comment

ID: 1165900
the class must not have been ran on boreland c++, because it was full of errors likeCompiling NONAME00.CPP:
Error NONAME00.CPP 10: Storage class 'inline' is not allowed here
Error NONAME00.CPP 10: Declaration missing ;
Error NONAME00.CPP 14: Declaration terminated incorrectly


Expert Comment

ID: 1165901
check CLight (intt state ) {m_nLightState = state;};
CLight (int state ) {m_nLightState = state;};
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I will agree to increase points.

Expert Comment

ID: 1165903
I understand , why you BC compiler generating errors. You need to put class declarations into HEADER file ( noname.h) , when create noname.cpp and include noname.h into it :
#include "noname.h"

void main ()
CLight lt(CLight::S_RED);


Accepted Solution

LucHoltkamp earned 50 total points
ID: 1165904
It's perfectly legal to put class declarations in a .cpp file!
There is a lot of tinkering going on here!
You put them into a header file only if you want other modules (.cpp files) to share the class declaration.

First some remarks on the class CLight:
1. Since you use
   enum STATE { S_GREEN, S_AMBER, S_RED };
   you should not declare the light state-member as
   int m_LightState;
   but as:
   STATE m_LightState;
   to let the compiler help you finding possibly bugs, it will
   complain if you accidentally try to assign an int value to m_LightState

Here's how it should be: (You can put everything in one .cpp file, I did point out how to split it up in a .hpp (header) and
.cpp (module) file.

#include <cstring.h>
class Light
    enum State { Green, Amber, Red }; // the actual values don't matter!!
    State state; // The private variable to hold the State
    Light(State s) : state(s) {}
    void setState(State s)  { state = s; }
    State getState() const  { return state; }
    string asString() const;  // member function is only declared here

// member-function definition (actual code) in light.cpp file
string Light::asString() const
    case Red    : return string("Red");
    case Amber  : return string("Amber");
    case Green  : return string("Green");
  return string("Undefined State!");

// usage (main also in .cpp file, let say main.cpp)
#include <iostream.h>
#include <light.hpp> // not neccesary if you put everything in one file
int main()
  Light light(Light::Green);
  cout <<  light.asString() << endl;
  cout << light.asString() << endl;
  return 0;

Use a project where you put your .cpp files.
Let me know if anything goes wrong.

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