386 motherboard 486 socket

This is rather specific and the probability of a good answer is low.
I have recently been given a motherboard out of an old 386 with a 486 upgrade socket on it unfortunately if I insert a 486 processor it fails to recognise the chip or initialise at all.
I guess a jumper setting needs changing to make it work.
The board is labelled m359p80 and has an opti 82c495sx chipset the original 386 processor was an AMD 386-40.  The board was made in thailand I guess in about 1993 according to the bios th only other clue to its origins is a label with tam/40-p8 marked on it.
If anyone can come up with a description of what settings the jumpers should be on then I'll be pretty amazed/grateful.
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Your best bet is to go to www.sysopt.com\mboard.html.

You'll find there a listing of all known mother board manufacturers and detailed methods of identifying your board.
In a shop I've worked, we sold these M/Bs. I can get the manual/jumper settings for you.
If you don't find it on the site proposed by cymbolic, let me know and I'll get back.
mklAuthor Commented:
I've already checked the sysopt page and had difficulty locating an online manual for this motherboard.
I'd be most grateful if anyone (Henrie?) could forward a copy of the manual/relevant jumper settings.
I've got no copy here at home, I'll get it for you and I'll be back tomorrow with the settings.


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We're having no luck this week :(

I've got a CAM/33/50 Motherboard (OPTI 495sx), which has the possibility for 386/486 processors, but it has VLB.
I also got a lot of manuals, the one closest to yours is the TAM/40-U0, but I doubt if this is the right one for your M/B, because it has no 486 socket.

The vendor using the boards was Autocomputer Co., in Taiwan. Brand: Auva.
You can check this at boot time and look for the bottom string. When it says something like:
The 1105 stands for Autocomputer Co.

Some addresses:

16851 Knott Ave.                        
La Mirada
CA 90638    
phone  :  714-562-6999
FAX     :  714-562-6990  
Present:  Chris Yang                    
Contact:  Sherry Lin                    
Year Started 1986

Distributor , Manufacturer , Pc System , Mother Boards , Add-On Cards , AUVA Taiwan

No.18,Pei Yuan Rd.,Chung Li Ind.  
phone:  886- 3-452-8200     CEO    :  Annie Tsao          
             886- 3-452-8220
fax:       886- 3-452-9155     Contact:  Arthur Luk          

One of the top 10 Taiwan PC manufacturers.Recogni-
zed for the high quality of its "AUVAMEDIA" multi-
media PCs,AUVA brand mainboards,PCs,notebooks,etc.

Maybe you can contact one of them.

I also searched every possible link in many engines, but found no manual or jumpersettings.
I will continue searching for you, a lot of friends bought these machines, most likely someone has the right manual.
When I find it I'll let you know.

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