Uninstall S3 805 video drivers for Warp3

How does one uninstall S3 video drivers? I had v2.57 from the S3 site and I see in the s3inst.cmd script it uses, that it modifies the OS2KRNL file, amongst others!

I have a WD90C33 video card,  and tested an S3 805 card for a while.  I then reverted to the WD90C33 but experience repeatable video corruption / irregularities whenever I open a DOS or Win-OS2 session.

Win-OS2 produces menus & icons out of place or invisible, and dragging of object images across the screen.

A DOS window makes all GUI objects drag trails across the screen and leave old images behind.

This behaviour is rectified if I close the window and then open and exit a full screen DOS session.

I have XR_W3000 and FixPack#26
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The way to uninstall a driver is to install the standard VGA
driver.  Selective install will do this for you.  The Alt-F1
startup option can do this also (at least in warp 4 it can,
I don't remember warp 3's startup screen).
LaunchpadAuthor Commented:
The problem is not rectified by doing this.  Perhaps I should have stated I have tried all the conventional methods for restoring default video first.

Examining the S3inst.cmd file I can see it patches the os2krnl file!!!

I'm looking for a way to restore the system without re-installing the OS.

When you switched between the S3 card and the WD90C33, did you
switch to VGA mode first, or did you just install the S3 over
the WD90C33 and then the WD90C33 over the S3?

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LaunchpadAuthor Commented:
Actually, I can't recall if I restored VGA before installing the S3, but I probably did since that's what the instructions call for.

On returning to the WD90C33, I did restore VGA via ALT-F1 at boot.
Unfortunately it sounds like the only way may be to reinstall OS/2 from scratch. When did you install FP #26? Before or after changing one or both of the cards? It could be that there are some DLL's which aren't at the same service level.

If all else fails, reinstall OS/2, then reinstall the video drivers, then FP26.
LaunchpadAuthor Commented:
FP26 intalled before I changed video cards.

Looks like I'll have to re install if no-one knows a way not to...
You probably will have to reinstall.  Once you add a fixpack,
Selective Install becomes problematic.
Before doing a re-install try this

 Back out of the FixPack, this will restore the kernel, or get the latest fixpack #29 and see if it corrects it

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LaunchpadAuthor Commented:
Correct answer!  I've already fixed this though, by simply re-applying fixpack#26 which I previously had as stated.

The fixpack was smart enough to find only the kludged files and replace them.

Thanks anyway....

Sorry, I've been away for a few weeks and haven't been watching the area while on the road

BTW, FixPack #29 is out now at the FixPack site, grab it, from what I hear it is worth it
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