rlogin from Solaris 2.5.1 to linux 1.2.9

Wish to rologin as root between the two machines. Have added UNIX box to /.rhosts and /etc/hosts on Linux box. Keeps asking for password rather than allowing a direct login. What else does Linux require ..... this works on SUN boxes!!
Am using xinetd to fire off the in.rlogind as required. Am using fwtk (netacl) to  limit who can remotely login.

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pfigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the best way to solve your problem is to use ssh, which provides
encrypted comms, strong auth, the works. you can find more at
AFAIK, Linux's in.rlogind always requires a password for root.
geoffsAuthor Commented:
Thanks to A hoffman for verifying that Linux was stabbing me in the back. I was not aware that Linux's in.rlogind *always* requires a password for root.

thanks again

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