Win 95 & AWE-32 : Playback and record are kaput!


Hopefully someone has a fix for this.

Recently brought a new hard disk and motherboard and
decided to take the opportunity to reinstall everything. Everything was working fine before!

Got the lastest win95 duplex drivers for AWE32. I've also tried killing off all other resident programs in case there is a conflict but not joy.

Problem 1
When I play sound, it only plays for about 0.5 seconds!

Problem 2
I can't seem to record anything from the microphone!

* The Windows Sound Recorder, record button is greyed out.
* Under Volume Control-Playback Control-Microphone, Mute is taken off
* _AND_ I can get an output from the microphone through the speakers!!! (Mic is working, hardware on card is working)
* Under Volume Control-Recording Control-Microphone Advanced, the tone controls are greyed out. (Another indication the the record function
isn't working?) Microphone gain control is ticked.
* System Properties-Device Manager-Sound,Video, I have Creative Advanced Wave Effects Sythnthesis for AWE32 and Creative Sound Blaster 16 or AWE-32. No errors in either of them.
* I've tried taking the duplexing function off. No joy. My memory may be wrong but didn't there used to be 3 items related to the AWE32 card?

Hopefully both problems are related.

Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.
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Do you still have your ols SB16 drivers in you SB16 directory.
If not you probably still need them, as new drivers are updates to the old. Do you have a disk that says "Upgrade" on it.
And Then:
How To Install Your Own Device Drivers

1. In Control Panel, Double-Click Add New Hardware.
2. A Window will appear that Says, "To begin to install you new hardware, Click next".
3. Click Next. Another Window will pop up that says, "Do you want windows to search for new
Hardware. Click No. Then click next.
4. Scroll to the Type of device you want to Install and Double-Click on it.
5. A list of manufactures will appear along with Button that says, "Have Disk".
6. Here Decide to Go with the manufactures List or Install your own driver from a disk.
7. Follow on-screen instructions. That's how it's supposed to work.
Here are the realities of 95 Installing Your Own Device Drivers.
A modem should be detected automatically. If it didn’t then all you get is pain.
A PnP Network Card is installed From Control Panel\Network.
Video Card and Monitor from Control Panel\Display, (I just use the manufacturer .inf.only.)
Sound card, either gets detected or use its software.
Printer either from My Computer\Add printer or its own software.
CD-ROM's should be auto detected. Unless it is multidisc then use their installing software.
Tape and Zip drive, use their software.
Ports, coms, SCSI cards and controllers should be auto detected.
If you have any problems with the above then there is something wrong,
Bad cabling, incompatible hardware, a badly made .inf, badly made PNP device or incompatible
motherboard will bring you nothing but pain.
I use to spend hours trying to fix my video, modem and weird happenings, all the pain went away
when I bought Matrix Mystique Video card and Asus motherboard.
If you know how you can modify the .inf to get it going.
If I missed any thing let me know.
alanlamAuthor Commented:
Went to System Properties and removed all traces of AWE-32.
Reinstalled from floppy disks. Still not able to record.

Got Win95 to detect card. Wanted drivers from Creative Labs disk. But I haven't got a CD drivers. Reverted back to Win95 installation disk. Still not able to record.
When press record button - jumps to 5.94 secs without recording anything and stays there. Playing around with different selections of audio mixer, different ticking of record selection, makes it record to 9.10, 20.34, 7.37 etc.

Upgraded to the latest release of drivers from Creative and the sound recorder controls are blanked out.

Do you need any more details?
If you answerd this, I missed it:
Do you still have your ols SB16 drivers in you SB16 directory.
If not you probably still need them, as new drivers are updates to the old. Do you have a disk that says "Upgrade" on it.
---------------Please address the above.
2nd, from Control panel|Add/remove|Windows setup tab, find Multimedia box, uncheck it and Apply to uninstall, Then reinstall.
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In My setup there are(in answer to your question) two references to "Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or AWE32".
In Computer properties|View Resourses|DMA|Setting 01 and 07

Get back to me. And make sure You old SB drivers are there. I suspect you have an UPGRADE, (common these days)and without the ols SB drivers Thje upgrade disk won't works. Do you have a Disk that says UPGRADE onit?
alanlamAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your prompt reply.

Sorry if I didn't follow your instructions exactly but I followed the principle of reinstalling everything.

This time I have unchecked the multimedia box, applied it to uninstall it and reinstalled it. -> Now I can't play back or record!

I don't have an upgrade disk, I have sbw95up.exe, 308,001 bytes. Rev. 10 by the readme.txt

I do have my old SB16 directory with all its drivers. I have reinstalled from original floppy disks. Then gone into Win95 to install AWE-32, then updated with sbw95up.exe (updrv95.exe). Is there any sequence of installation you would like me to try or any more diagnostic info you would like?

IRQ10, DMA1 and 5. Both in dos and win95.

I think that sbw95up.exe suggest an update.
If a hard ware such as a mouse, modem or CD-ROM didn't get detected automatically and you know that CMOS settings and the hardware is OK then you could have IRQ or I/O port conflict.
The best way to find out is go to the Control Panel\System icon\Device manager tab and click print, don't select to print the whole report because you will end up with 40 pages or more, just select the IRQ and I/O ports summary, from there you see what using what.
alanlamAuthor Commented:
0 :System Timer
1 :Keyboard
2 :Programmable interrupt controller
3 :Comm Port (COM4)
3 :Comm Port (COM2)
4 :Comm Port (COM1)
6 :Floppy disk
7 :LPT1
8 :System CMOS
10:Creative Sound Blaster 16 or AWE-32
11:Hauppauge WinCast TV
13:Numeric data processor
14:Standard Dual PCI IDE Controller
14:Primary IDE controller (single fifo)
15:Standard IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller
Anything else you would like to know?
alanlamAuthor Commented:
Hah! Solved it.
There was some sort of interrupt conflict. What I don't know and I don't care.

I played around with the interrupts available on the PCI channels and moved Wincast to 12 and voila. Sound is back. Yippee. Hurray!!! I'm happy :-))))
alanlamAuthor Commented:
Thanks for provoking me into playing around with the apparently okay interrupts with Win95. Desperate measures eh!

Yippee. No more rebooting! :-)
No desperate at all alanlam. many people that come here end up answering their own questions. Good man.
please grade this so we can get it off the active list.
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