MPEG/REAL AUDIO/STREAMWORKS problem since DirectX 5.0

The title of the message says it all: I've had a serious problem playing
MPEG/Real Audio/Streamworks files on my computer since I installed DirectX
5.0.  They all play about twice as fast as they should.  Uninstalling
DirectX 5.0 did not help.  Uninstalling and reinstalling my sound card
drivers did not help.  Going back to DirectX 3.0 did not help.

I did correct the Real Audio problem by telling it play files at 8 bits
instead of 16 bit, but I have been unable to correct the others.  Please
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At on the left of the screen there is a troublesooting wizard. Pick directX and go from there.
Multimedia Display Troubleshooter
(Much More *Than* TroubleShooting)
Both are very comprehensive. Rather than me pretending to be smart, check these out and let me know what kind of results you get. From there we should be able to wotk this out.
_____________READ CAREFULLY:
Get Rid Of Registry Garbage

After a major clean up, you notice that the size of
registry remains the same. It's just like how DOS
deletes files on the hard disk. The files are not
really deleted, they are just floating.
In the registry a removed key becomes an invisible
existence to the reg editors. You can export keys
that are recognizable by the editors to a temp file,
then use the same temp file to reconstruct a new
registry. And this is how we remove those invisible

WRPV3.ZIP is the Best Backup/Retsore I've Seen. Search WRP
Step1: If you have other .dat files in Windows
Directory, move them to a Temp directory.
Step2: Be sure to have a reg backup already.
Step3: Open reg editor and export "all entries"
to a reg file (MyReg.reg).
Step4 Exit to DOS. Go to Windows directory.
Step5 :Deltree reg files, e.g. deltree *.dat /y
Step6: Use the same syntax, regedit /c MyReg.reg. Done!

After the process, please exam your system thoroughly.
You can never tell from a seemingly healthy
system a near-death registry. Also keep the backup for
a while before update it.

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cslepageAuthor Commented:
I found the following URL and followed the instructions on removing and reloading Win95's audio compression software, to no avail:

I found nothing at the second site to help.  My compressed audio troubles continue to this day.

MM Sound Problems?
1. Go to Control Panel
2. Add/Remove
3. Windows Setup
4. Find Multimedia and remove all. Then, reboot and go back and Click Multimedia having you
Win95 CD in and Add all.
This will remove any corrupt files and replace them with fresh uncorrupted copy and re-register them.
Then, if that doesn't work, replace the X5 with the more stable X5
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cslepageAuthor Commented:
Smeebud, I tried suggestion #1, removing MM via the control panel, rebooting, and reinstalling MM.  Nothing changed concerning compressed audio (Real Audio, Streamworks, etc.)

Suggestion #2 also did not change anything concerning compressed audio.


Did you try:
This will clean thing up:
Reinstall win95 from the command prompt using (setup /p f ) command. That will clean your system
files and replace missing and damaged files, without over-writing your updated dll's vxd's ext.
f - This switch enables Clean Registry mode. It forces Detection to clean the root branch of the
registry before starting. This switch is ignored when Setup is run in the Windows 95 graphical user
interface (GUI). The default is disabled. Example: setup /p f
As Always: Backup Your Registry First!
NOTE: The Setup /p f command does remove some commands that are pointing to the wrong
locations of programs and Win95 files, also does remove commands that are unknown to Win95
from the System.ini, Win.ini and the registry, but no promises can be given due to the nature of
Win95's individuality. So ALWAYS backup your registry and system files first.
/d - If you do not want Setup to use your existing Windows configuration (such as your current
Win.ini and System.ini files), use this switch.To restore and adjust your windows installation try this:
From dos insert your CD and run from your cd this command...
(setup /d /p f) When setup prompts you for "Full or Custom Setup", choose Custom. This allows you
to have control over every step of the setup.
This will do a compare and replace missing or corrupted files and will take you back where you were
before the error.
cslepageAuthor Commented:
I think your latest advice is predicated on me being able to use my CDROM drive in Dos mode, or when I boot up before entering Windows95.  I can't do that, so I can't run setup on my Win95 CD while in dos.

Unless there is another reason you have not told me about, this will enable you to use you CD in DOS:
Create a Rescue Disk That Reads Your CD-ROM

Sometimes your system is unbootable. Create a bootable "rescue" floppy disk. Insert a good blank
disk. Select Start/Settings/Control Panel, double-click on the Add/Remove Programs icon. Click on
the Startup Disk tab then click on Create Disk. When Win95 is done, make the disk read-only, label
it and test it to be sure you can boot your computer from it.
Then, You must create an Autoexec.bat that reads:
A:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:MTMIDE01 /M:15 /E and copy the mscdex.exe on your disk. The MTM
part is mine for Mitsumi, you have to substitute your CD parameters.
1. The following is a simple AUTOEXEC.BAT File
You must create a Config.sys that reads:
DEVICE=A:\MTM\MTMCDAI.SYS /D:MTMIDE0 [Substitute your CD parameters here.]
2. The following is My CONFIG.SYS File. Note that I'm using my Mitsumi CD-ROM Parameters.
DEVICE=A:\MTMCDAI.SYS (Your CD ROM Driver would go here)
3. The following are the Files I have on my disk.
MTMCDIA.SYS (Your CD ROM Driver would go here)
cslepageAuthor Commented:
I will attempt your advice.  The only problem I have at this point is that the directory and type of drivers that I need that were in that directory are no longer on any of my hard drives.  (I have a Media Vision CDROM Drive, and I had the drivers in C:/MEDVSN.  That directory, and the non-Win95 drivers it contained, are gone.)  I will attempt to find the setup disk that came with the drive, assuming it still exists.

I think that's a very good idea. get it resolved now while your up and running, because if you crash and can't get into windows, and *HAVE* to Setup from your CDROM...well you're outta luck.
Good Luck.
Having a Startup Boot disk that reads you CD is a Must.
cslepageAuthor Commented:
Well, the problem is fixed.  However, to get to that solution, in using your recommendation, I had to hop over several hurdles: reinstalling Win95 in the fashion you described locked the computer up over and over, just as it was searching for "plug and play" components.  The only way to stop that lock was to go into safe mode and reinstall the old registry, which fixed things, except that I could no longer log onto the internet.  Reinstalling Win95 AGAIN, this time with no "/p f", uninstalling my internet software and reinstalling it, and a lot of overnight prayer, has left me with a working computer again.

SO, you have fixed my problem, but man, what a lot of grief!  :)
Glad it's fixed. I think when you're dealing with Directx a person can expect so grief.
cslepageAuthor Commented:
Here's a keen new twist:  I just installed the latest version of RealPlayer, 5.0, and the compressed audio problem returned, for RA and Streamworks.  Weird, eh?
Then I'm gonna get it because I had problems with RA 3.???
and remove it from my system.
Yea, weird. Well, it is 95 after all.
cslepageAuthor Commented:
Well, then, I think I've tapped you dry on this one.  Would anyone else care to try?
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