Creative Labs software hogs the processor, etc.

Posted on 1997-08-03
Last Modified: 2013-12-29

These all refer to Creative Labs software:

1) Creative Labs applications hog the processor.
2) In Creative CD, the volume controls the master volume (in Creative Mixer or Windows 95's Volume Control).
3) In Creative Mixer, the LED display doesn't work (but it used to).

Ever since I installed a Creative Labs Value 4X Multimedia kit, when any of the Sound Blaster applications is open my computer slows way down, even if I'm not
playing a CD or anything!  I have Norton Utilities for Windows 95, and its System Doctor shows almost 100% processor usage when I have any Sound Blaster
apps open, even if they're not being used!

As far as the 2nd and 3rd problems: not too long ago I downloaded and installed the latest CD-ROM and Sound Blaster drivers from the Creative Labs web site
(sbw95up.exe and sbided95.exe) for my SB16 PnP and CD-ROM.  After installing the drivers,  I can't change the volume in Creative CD without it changing the
master volume.  In both Creative Mixer and Windows 95's Volume Control, it changes the master volume, but the CD volume works normally.  Also since the new
drivers, the LED in Creative Mixer stopped working, though it always did before (yes I've made sure it's switched on, and I've switched full-duplex on and off).

Creative Labs suggested reinstalling Windows 95, but I don't think I want to.  If you have any questions, please ask.  Any help would be much appreciated.

I'm running Windows 95 on a generic 486 DX4 motherboard with an AMD Am486 DX4-120 Plus processor, 40 MB of standard non-parity RAM.  The SB16
Plug-n-Play sound card and quad-speed CD-ROM were purchased in a Creative Labs Value 4X Multimedia kit.

Thank you,

Question by:bsp
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Expert Comment

ID: 1691552
1.  Make sure you have the lattest driver.
2.  Use the built in windows 95 cd player and volume control.
3.  Use a third party application to do your mixing.

Sounds like the program just sucks

Expert Comment

ID: 1691553
Did you recently purchase the software upgrade from Creative
that "upgrades" your 16PnP to a 32AWE? Those files would have
been wswg95.exe and wswg95up.exe. If so, those files are extremely CPU intensive and should not be run on anything less
than a Pentium 90MHz.
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Accepted Solution

smeebud earned 200 total points
ID: 1691554
Are you sure that your sound is being set in "Dosstart.bat'.
Creative labs has been sending some dastardly programs and drivers lately. Also, did you pakage come with a disk with UPGRADE on it.
You did not remove the old SB16 drivers before istallation did you?
Did you notice during installation if it wanted to create a "SB32" directory?
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Author Comment

ID: 1691555
Why are you asking about my dosstart.bat?  I'm referring to problems in windows, not when I shut down to MS-DOS mode.  
Anyway, here's my dosstart.bat:

And here's my autoexec.bat:
SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6

No, my package did not have a disk with "upgrade" on it.  Besides, as it says in my question, I'm referring to "the latest CD-ROM and Sound Blaster drivers from
the Creative Labs web site."  The drivers that came with my package are older; from a package I got in December of '95.

I've tried a bunch of different approaches, but yes I did remove the old SB16 drivers before installation.  I uninstalled everything I could find, and I even deleted any
Creative-made directories I could find, per Creative tech support's suggestion.

No, I'm pretty darn sure installation did not want to create a "SB32" directory.  I don't have a directory by that name now, anyway.

Thank you,

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Expert Comment

ID: 1691556
Well bsp, A buddy off mine brought his computer to me the other day with (almost) the idenical problem. The solution turned out that he removed his old SB16 drivers which need to be the for the
sbw95up.exe and sbided95.exe to install properly. he took the new card out, put in his old one, reinstalled his old SB files.
Took out the old SB, put back the new one, installed sbw95up.exe and sbided95.exe. then let PNP do it's job and everything was fine. That's why I asked.
Perhaps you may have to do the same.
Whay did I ask about dosstart.bat..? Well, you never know what some installation might there. It's that simple. How can I know if you don't tell me.

Well. anyway. That is my solution.
Let me know if you try that and if it works.


Author Comment

ID: 1691557
Well, I tried uninstalling everything I could find relating to the Creative software, including deleting any remaining directories, then I reinstalled the old software, and everything was the same as before except the Creative Mixer EQ display worked.  Then I confirmed that I had the latest drivers from Creative's web site and installed them, then everything was the same as before except the EQ again doesn't work.


It seems like maybe something isn't getting totally uninstalled.  Perhaps it's something in the registry.  Every time I reinstall the software, the levels are back where they were, and Creative Cd, Creative Mixer, etc., are in the exact same places on my desktop, for instance.

I don't know.  Any more ideas, anyone?

LVL 14

Expert Comment

ID: 1691558
Well, bsp. I commend you on doing all that work. It was not a fruitless endevor. You found out/isolated the problem. It's the Creative Labs Drivers. What to do about it is the question. I think it may be time for you call their tech (probably get nowhere) or at write tech with a list of what you have done, proving to them that it's the drivers. Right now I'm going to look for a dedicated SB newsgroup. I suggest the above and also ask them ifthere is a newsgroup or like forum. I find many solutions in these places.
What do you think?
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Expert Comment

ID: 1691559
1-800-998-1000 for troubles with drivers and devices.

Author Comment

ID: 1691560
I hope you're not too disappointed with your grade.  It's just that I don't have anything more now than I had before I submitted my question.  I can get to Creative's avenues of tech support myself, whether from the phone number in the manual that came with my multimedia kit, by searching newsgroups myself, or
whatever.  The 800 number only leads me to a toll number if I want tech support.

I tried Experts Exchange because I've tried Creative's support and they didn't seem prepared to answer my question (as you suspected).

I do appreciate your effort, and you are getting 200 points for it, which seems to me like far more than most people give.

Thanks again.
LVL 14

Expert Comment

ID: 1691561
Well, thanks for the points. I hate to leave though with a problem on your hand. I have a few comment or suggestions, however you want to take them. Your original question you said you were running on a generic MB. Not all motherboards will support 95. I used to have a list but it kept changing so fast that I lost track. Something to look into if your MB is old.
I would look hard at your hardware. If it was working before an upgrade, then not after could mean that the technology finally caught up and ran past you. It happens all the time now-a-days.
Last, you said you wanted to clead your registry. I have a very good method:
Get Rid Of Registry Garbage

After a major clean up, you notice that the size of registry
remains the same. It's just like how DOS
deletes files on the hard disk. The files are not really
deleted, they are just floating.
In the registry a removed key becomes an invisible existence
to the reg editors. You can export keys that are recognizable
by the editors to a temp file, then use the same temp file to
reconstruct a new registry. And this is how we remove those
invisible footprints.
WRPV3.ZIP is the Best Backup/Retsore I've Seen. Search WRP
Step1: Copy all .dat files To a Temp directory for Safety.
Step2: Be sure to have a reg backup already.
Step3: Open reg editor and export "all entries" to a reg file
Step4: Shutdown And Boot to DOS. Go to Windows directory.
Step5: Deltree reg files, e.g. deltree *.dat /y
Step6: If DOS doesn't Recognize the Hidden Files, Type
and ATTRIB -H -S -R -S USER.DAT. Then repeat Step 5.
Step7: At C:\Windows> type "regedit /c MyReg.reg",
No Quotes. Done!
If for some reason it stops writing at 50 or 80% in Dos. Don't worry. Myreg.reg can be double clicked in windows to enter anything that may have been missed.
After the process, please exam your system thoroughly.
You can never tell from a seemingly healthy
system a near-death registry. Also keep the backup for a
while before update it.

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