Start up a small web hosting company

Dear All,

I'm new to web hosting business. I intended to buy the following to
start my new web hosting co.:(serving around 10 clients at startup and
may increase by 10 or more each month)

1 - 2 Main Servers(web, ftp, email, primart DNS, etc.)
Pentium Pro 200
64M x 4 168-pin SDRam (256M)
UltraDMA33 6.8G Harddisk (or Utlra SCSI? which one better?)
Asus TX97-XE ATX motherboard
OS: one Linux(or FreeBSD), one NT

3com expandable OfficeConnect Hub (8-port) (so we could just buy more
when we expand)

Intel 10/100 Ethernet PnP Cards (or 3com cards better?)

Cisco 2509 Access Server (8 asyn port for dial-up customer, does it
support 56K?)

486-Dx 33 (secondary DNS)

I hope we could buy all these with US$4000.

I appreciate any comment.(esp. on the network product, I'm totally new
to this)

and if you have these old things for sell. Drop me a line.

Thank you

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Go with Wide Ultra SCSI.  SCSI is better for servers; you can access more than one drive at a time and have multiple requests to one drive.  With IDE(Ultra DMA) you have to sit and wait.

Also make sure the SCSI card and Network cards are supported by the OS you choose.  I use linux myself.

$4000 seems low, but I don't know how much the cisco server is.
I just ran your specs through a system builder(at and 1 ppro system alone will cost $2700.  And You also need a tape backup which will run about $1000.  You can't buy 486's any more; minimum is pentium 75.  I'd say about $700 for that system.

With one server and secondary dns you are up to $4400; and that doesn't include the cisco server or the network hub.

Also how are you connecting to the internet; you may need routers and csu/dsu's unless your providor is supplying them.

Also you may want to consider renting a server from a server farm; they supply server and internet connection.  Or you may want to become a reseller for a web hosting company.  Much, Much, Much easier!!!!  Comment back if you want more info on these.

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jasonchan061397Author Commented:
So which Ultra wide SCSI motherboard and network card would work fine for linux/freeBSD?

Also, would all network hub the same? do all support 100M Bps?

I've get a old 486 in hand. So no need to waste money. :}

I'd connect to the internt with leased line.

I'm currently a reseller and now I want to be independent. Are you also a web host co? any experience to share?  

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