CD-ROM drive not being detected

Since I installed my second HD about a year ago, I've been dogged by a most perplexing problem.  I have a Mitsumi 4x CD-ROM drive connected to my Sound Blaster 32 PNP because my IDE interface card is only a single port and I have two hard drives connected to it.  Windows 95 has always detected the CD-ROM drive just fine but DOS would not.  I'd get the following message when loading config.sys:

ERROR: Unable to detect ATAPI IDE CD-ROM drive.
ATAPI IDE CD-ROM device driver not loaded.

I'd gotten this message consistently for a year whenever I'd try to load my DOS CD-ROM driver.  After a little reading, I discovered that what I'd been lacking is a simple parameter in config.sys pointing to the base port address and IRQ specification.


Easy enough.  Problem solved...for about 24 hours.  I eventually reached the point where I'd get the same message again.

ERROR: Unable to detect ATAPI IDE CD-ROM drive.
ATAPI IDE CD-ROM device driver not loaded.

I began to get a little frustrated needless to say because I'd already solved this problem!  Turned out, all I needed to do was to remove the audio CD from the CD-ROM drive.  Problem solved again...for about 3 hours this time.  Later that day, I rebooted again and guess what message I got:

ERROR: Unable to detect ATAPI IDE CD-ROM drive.
ATAPI IDE CD-ROM device driver not loaded.

So I've solved this problem twice and yet it still lives!  I'm beginning to think this is more the jurisdiction of a priest rather than a computer troubleshooter.

Any clues?  Thank you.
guardian angelAsked:
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I want to make sure I understand you correctly... your CD-ROM has ALWAYS worked in Win95.  It didn't work in DOS until you added that extra line.  It actually worked for 24 Hours (By that I mean you read a CD FROM DOS) and then it stoped.  You eject the Music CD from the CD-ROM and it worked for about three hours.  Hmmm... The audio CD should have no affect.  One thing I do know is in order to use a PnP device in DOS, you must first run a PnP configuration Manager.  Creative has one called CTCM.  You can download it from their site or I can Email it to you.

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BTW - the PnP device that needs configuring is the Sound Card since your CD-ROM is attached to it.
guardian angelAuthor Commented:
To answer your questions, yes, Win95 has always detected my CD-ROM drive.  DOS *never* detected it with or without the plug and play config manager (installing that was the first thing I tried) until I added the port address and IRQ parameter in config.sys which I added *without* the configuration manager.  As I said, this didn't last.  It just so happened that, after removing an audio disc, the drive mysteriously showed up again.  I agree that this *shouldn't* have anything to do with it but one never knows.

I discovered that there *is* a line in my dosstart.bat file that loads the creative PNP configuration manager so I suspected that the successful attempts to load the driver were after a return to MS-DOS "mode" a second time.  I tried to recreate this but I had no luck.  No matter what I tried, I could *not* get it to load as it had several times before.  What has me so confused is that it seems to be a hit or miss (mostly miss) situation.

I suspect that you are correct about the PNP config manager and I'll let you know tomorrow what happens.
guardian angelAuthor Commented:
No big surprizes here. The PNP configuration manager worked. What still has me confused, however, is that the drive was ever detected in the first place without it. Thank you.
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