Stack Overflow on Component Install

Recently I have been getting stack overflow errors when trying to install new components under Delphi 2.
Does anyone know what causes this and how to stop it?
I would be really grateful for an answer.
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atkinslgAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Are you installing the components on the palette for the first time or are you depositing them on a form from the palette?
 Perhaps you could answer these questions to give a bit more background : Are they your own components? (Very often a stack overflow is caused by an infinite loop in code, have you accidentally done this) How many extra components do you have installed? How long (many characters) is your search path string (don't excede 512 it really upsets Delphi).

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atkinslgAuthor Commented:
Components are being added to the palette for the first time. They are not mine. The ones I am trying to add at the momemnt are the SQL Express set.

My search path string is under 200 characters.

I have 114 extra components already installed. My cmplib32.dcl is 6758KB in size.
atkinslgAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 150
atkinslgAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 200
try compile cmplib32.dcl under dos with dcc32 . If Stack Overflow  error appear in rlink32 this explain ,  that maybe resources is compiled under other version of delphi. When I compile res file into my DCL ( Delphi 2.0) I have error Stack Overflow. After recompile rc file with my brcc32 everything went OK. Try this. A !! If you have only res or dcr You may try open and save it in Image Editor

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