Convert Japanese Filemaker Pro 2.1 document

We use Mac PPC and OS 7.5.5 with Japanese Language Kit 1.2
We made an address database document with Filemaker Pro 2.1 (US version).
On the same computer we run Filemaker Pro 2.1 (Japanese version). One of our staff opened the address document with
the Japanese Filemaker. After that, we are not able to open
it with the US-version anymore.
How can we convert the document back into a version that is
readable by either Filemaker 2.1 US-version, or better even
by Claris Works 4?
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demullerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you create an output file which you can then input back into Filemaker or Claris Works4?
Please try to export the database then import it from your Japanese Version filmaker Pro.
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