Photoshop CMYK converted to CMY & Pantone

We have high res scans that we need to save as EPS with clipping paths and place in Illustrator.  The problem is we need to convert the black channel to a Pantone color so the placed file will print Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and the Pantone or spot color of choice.  Is there any way to accomplish this??  We have tried to duplicate the black channel and naming it the Pantone color but it will not save properly.  It still wants to keep the black channel.  

The reason this must be accomplished is that the customer wants to print without black and use a dark Pantone color in its place.  I'll call Adobe if I have to but we've already stumped them once on another question so I thought I'd try another approach.

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rickyrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I finally got to the bottom of this...
You need a Photoshop Plugin called "PlateMaker".
It is "A Lowly Apprentice Production".
It will allow you to paste the Cyan image into a Spot colour channel (upto 256 spots) and export it as an eps with clipping paths.
Heres the drawback though, its going to set you back three or four hundred bucks.

WagsAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Hiya wags...
I tried everywich way to do this and I probably got the same results as you, I made it multichanel and replaced the black with a spot pan, but the options on saving were photoshop only docs.
but I have a workaround which we use all the time.
Leave the hi res eps as it is but when you output to film use a special spot colour for your black in illustrator and use the black plate as your pantone, only cross off the word black and replace it with the name of the ink to be used by the printing press. I guess you already thought of that though, in which case feel free to reject my comment as an answer.
PS...I would also like to know how to do this without a workaround.
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Not an expert at Photoshop output, but I'm curious. Why can't you do a 4-color separation and apply any ink colors you choose?
Did you flatten the image when saving it?  I assume you are using
Photoshop 4.0
are you still there????
Hiya wags...
Yes I'm still here, I was going to ask you the same question.
Did my answer help?
Hiya dooly...
You can paste a cyan channel into a spot channel, but you cant save it as an eps, Photoshop's option for this is greyed out.
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