Aligning images to edge of browser...

I wonder if it's possible to allign an image in a table to the edge of the browser (both NN and MSIE). That is if you resize the browser window the image/picture will follow the bottem edge or whatever specified. Could this be done via tables?
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Well, under <IMG ...> you can specify WIDTH=100% or HEIGHT=100%
to stretch an image to the browser window/frame size without
the use of tables.  Leaving off one of the WIDTH or HEIGHT will
only stretch to one ordinate while retaining a 1:1 aspect ratio.
You an also use other values other than 100% of course.

Inside of tables, it looks like at least Netscape gets very
confused.  It may be that unless there is something fixed that
the IMG tag is relative to, that using "%" doesn't work.

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tacticaAuthor Commented:
Sorry but that doesn't help me. Sorry I didn't explain myself quite good enough. Here is a sketch of how I want it:

+--------+--------+------------+ @
|########|########|    ########| @ <-- browser edge
|#image1#|#image2#|    #image3#| @
|########|########|    ########| @  if the borwser window then
+--------+--------+------------+ @  is resized 'image3' follows
                                 @  without getting streched.

I see what you are saying.  Using a small gif image, I was able
to come up with the following bit of HTML.

<table width=100%>
<img src="whiteback.gif">
<img src="whiteback.gif">
</td><td width=100% align=right>
<img src="whiteback.gif" align=right>

Is this what you are looking for?  (Obviously, you will have to
replace "whiteback.gif" with something else.)
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tacticaAuthor Commented:
Yes almost :)  It just needs to be done vertical instead. I've tried but I can't seem to get it working. Do you have a solution to that problem?

Same thing but vertical?  How about a structured table such as:

<table height=100%><tr valign=top><td>
<img src="whiteback.gif">
<img src="whiteback.gif">
</td></tr><tr height=100% valign=bottom><td>
<img src="whiteback.gif">
tacticaAuthor Commented:
Of course!! Thanks a lot for your help.

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