Joystick problem

>My Gravis analog joystick does not work under WIN95. When I double-click on
>the joystick icon in the control panel I get the message "your joystick is
>not connected correctly". Strange because it works fine in DOS.
>The joystick is connected to the gameport of my AWE64 soundcard. When I
>check the system manager it says "no conflicts". The driver is "Creative
>gameport joystick" and the files are "msjstick.drv" and "vjoyd.vxd".
>Everything worked fine until I installed some WIN95 game demos so I suppose
>a Direct-X installation could have something to do with it.
>I would be very grateful if sombody could help me out with this one.
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Check these things. if this doesn't help feel free to reject and get more input:
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Also run this trouble shooting wizard:
cgaAuthor Commented:
The joystick works fine when I restart my computer in DOS-mode. I can find the joystick icon in the control panel but when I double-click on it, it says "Joystick not connected correctly". The joystick is also present in "gaming device properties".
 I have tried to install the standard Microsoft gameport joystick driver in "add new hardware" and remove the Creative joystick driver but everytime i restart my computer the Creative driver is reinstalled automatically by Windows.
1st: It's prbably a regisrty entry that's picking up the old driver, so, we play in the registry.
NOTE: GET, WRP.ZIP, INSTALL, AND BACKUP YOUR REG BEFORE YOU DO  THIS IS WHERE TO GET WRPV3.ZIP (The Best Backup/Retsore I've Seen)Click the Search Button and enter WRP
----------------------------In the below i use Supra modem as an example. Substitute Surpa for "Gameport Joystick" or just "Gameport" FOR INSTANCE;
"Description"="Gameport Joystick"
"FriendlyName"="Gameport Joystick"
"DeviceDesc"="Gameport Joystick"
"OEMName"="Gravis Analog Pro Joystick"
2nd. Clean Up Duplicate Device Manager Entries

1.When windows detects two devices (usually this happens with pnp) you should delete all the devices of the same type detected. Then reboot windows, and windows will detect the device.
Install the drivers, and you solved the problem. If the pnp system detects a device twice, simply ignore the install request, and get the latest driver for it. This is important. Windows will detect all the pnp unknown hardware: to avoid problems ensure to have all the drivers needed for your PC.
2. I did a search of my registry with regedit, using as a "Search Phrase", Supra, the name that showed my Supra Fax Modem in Device Manager. To be sure I found all entries for it in the registry. I then deleted all references to the modem. I mean I deleted the entire key, not just the entry. When I re booted Win95. The Supra was installed. I haven't had the problem since. Booting the computer will pickup and add to the registry any device that it finds.
Please Rmember, you're going to be deleting registry keys, so again I say; BACKUP REGISTRY 1ST.
How To Install Your Own Device Drivers

1. In Control Panel, Double-Click Add New Hardware.
2. A Window will appear that Says, "To begin to install you new hardware, Click next".
3. Click Next. Another Window will pop up that says, "Do you want windows to search for new Hardware. Click No. Then click next.
4. Scroll to the Type of device you want to Install and Double-Click on it.
5. A list of manufactures will appear along with Button that says, "Have Disk".
6. Here Decide to Go with the manufactures List or Install your own driver from a disk.
7. Follow on-screen instructions. That's how it's supposed to work.
Here are the realities of 95 Installing Your Own Device Drivers.
A modem should be detected automatically. If it didn’t then all you get is pain.
A PnP Network Card is installed From Control Panel\Network.
Video Card and Monitor from Control Panel\Display, (I just use the manufacturer .inf.only.)
Sound card, either gets detected or use its software.
Printer either from My Computer\Add printer or its own software.
CD-ROM's should be auto detected. Unless it is multidisc then use their installing software. Tape and Zip drive, use their software. Ports, coms, SCSI cards and controllers should be auto detected.
If you have any problems with the above then there is something wrong, Bad cabling, incompatible hardware, a badly made .inf, badly made PNP device or incompatible motherboard will bring you nothing but pain.
I use to spend hours trying to fix my video, modem and weird happenings, all the pain went away when I bought Matrix Mystique Video card and Asus motherboard.
If I missed any thing let me know.
Finally, don't let this registry thing scare you, as long as you have a backup, if something were to go wrong, you can puy it right back the way it was by Exiting to DOS.
Cd two WRP i.e; C:\WRP>RESTORE
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