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How to unlock a Macintosh disk drive

peacoca asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-17
For some reason my main Macintosh hard disk is now locked. i.e if you open the disk, the window shows the locked key icon.

I didn't lock it but badly want to unlock it.
A number of attempts have failed, including zapping PRAMs, booting it with inits off, trying to format the disk etc. It says I have open items that can't be put away because the disk is locked. Argh .....

.... help pls ....

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It sounds like someone locked it with a utility such as norton disk lock. to unlock it you need the password...naturally.

Weed could be right. Is this HD your system disk?  Have you by chance tried booting off another disk to see if you get anywhere with unlocking it?



Nope - I haven't locked it with anything - it just started to happen after a restart. The restart was due to adding another disk to the SCSI chain. And yes I've putting it all back as it was too !

And yes I have tried booting off another disk !

Uhm....this scenario isnt possible unless the scsi you added was locked and somehow changed the info of your boot drive. youre sure this is your computer and not your dads hard drive that he keeps all his CC#'s on?...heh

OK - have you tried using Umount or SCSI Utility to check if a SCSI conflict has renumbered this drive? Please list what devices show up on what ports. If you don't have either of the above, download SCSIProbe from www.shareware.com and use it to check.


PS Do you have a copy of Norton's Utilities?


Great news...

I just got the System 8 install disks and disc, what the hell I thought I'd try booting off their Disk tools 2 disk.
I then tried to initialise my dud disk... and it worked. My previous attempt with Hard Disk Toolkit and Apple products failed.
Anyway, I had all the stuff on DAT and Jaz disk. So I think I'll take this opportunity to install OS8
Thanks for your help. That was one way to fix it anyway !!
Do you reccomend a clean install of OS8 ?

Good to see you have solved your problem - I thought the trouble was that you wanted to save the data on the hard drive, not to re-initialise it. The cleanest possible install is recommended for OS8 as far as I can see. I have just had someone in my office with so many problems doing a custom install that they've lost days in time.



PS Save your entire present system folder to a jaz disk before you start - that way if things don't work to your satisfaction you can always boot off the jaz and get back to square 1.

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nate...youre going to drive me crazy....thats not an answer thats a comment and a probing question. youve now just completely blocked 3 questions on the exchange from anyone providing any useful imformation or correct answers.

no you haven't read the question well on one, the other one is correct i think and this one is already almost over. You still can add comments to all questions. please shutup... now!

nate...weve been through this before...either provide answers to questions you know something about or comment on them. but dont provide useless answers.

i am! this conversation can continue if you would like to mail me through linda.
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