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I want to know if an html component that I can give lines to add manually exists. Example: MyHtmlComp.Add(<B>Something</B>
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ygolanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check THTMLViewer, written by Dave Baldwin, available for download from http://www.pbear.com/.

Sorry fmichaud,

but I think there's no one, which supports this and it makes no sense doing this, because there are some better possibilities to do this, like the RTF editor component from Delphi 2.x.

Why do you need this??

Sorry ygolan, but I think that THTMLViewer is a real HTML-Browser - I tested it for my own and you can't do editing like fmichaud wants.
fmichaud061597Author Commented:
I know that control, you can specify html by writing direct to the control, but it's not an add function so when you rewrite something it overwrites what you have done before.
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