I have recently upgraded my system from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95.  I had used Cardfile to save Internet addresses which may be useful in future.

I find that I cannot use Cardfile with Windows 95.  Is there an alternate programme which will accept  my Cardfile addresses?  Is there a way that I can at least read my old addresses so that I can enter them in a new address book?
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bd1asdsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Cardfile is gone from Windows95 with nothing to replace it.
However, if you installed Windows95 in a new folder other than 3.1 you can create shortcut icons on the desktop of Start menu that refers to this in 3.1.
Alternatives- do you Outlook97 or Schedule95? There are personal address books in these. You may be able to located your Cardfile data and move it into one of these.
Good luck!
There is also an personal address book in MS Exchange.
Copy cardfile.exe to your Windows directory, create a shortcut icon on your desktop and keep using's a great little program!
MERC123Author Commented:
Thanks for the very prompt response.  My problem is solved.

Rather than search for another address book, I took gregritz suggestion and simply copied Cardfile into my Windows directory.

Effective and simple!  Thanks again
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