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I just bought a NE2100 Compatible VLB ethernet card to use in my 486 Linux box.  It is a Mitron LX-2100v with an AMD PCnet-32 chipset on it.
When I start up Linux (RedHat 4.2 distro) the lance driver loads, but not the Lance32 driver.  I can't get out on the network, and I get a long delay when I run the route command.  I have the route set for the subnet and loopback, but it hangs for about 70 seconds when looking at the default gateway.  This is all when running route.
I would like to know how to force the lance32 driver to load.  I believe this will help my problem.  If you have any other suggestions, besides getting a new card or computer, I would love to hear them.
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Check your boot.msg (in /var/adm or /var/log), it should contain something similar to:
<4>eth0: PCnet32 at 0x7000, 00 08 f5 43 81 34 lance32_probe:  4
<4> assigned IRQ 11, no DMA needed.
<4>lance32.c:v0.10 28.4.96

If those messages are missing, there may be a hint what's wrong.
May be you have to specify kernel parameters to lilo, loadlin, etc., see HOWTOs.

straznpAuthor Commented:
Well, that's great to see what I should be getting.  But I've been pouring over the HOWTOs for three days now trying to get this card to work.  I haven't found anything yet.  I would like to see how to do it, not where to look.  I've already been looking and I've exhausted all the resources that were packaged with Linux.
If you wont look, experts can't help :-(
Or would you like to get a bunch of possible answers to **all** possible reasons?

Please be more specific about what your systems does, or does not detect at boot time, 'cause this is essential to get closer to the problem.

      1) check what boot.msg says
      2) check /var/log/messages for boot messages about eth*
      3) what is the output of:  ifconfig
      4) if above is ok, grep for ifconfig commands in /etc/rc.d/*, check if they can be started from a shell
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straznpAuthor Commented:
No, I have been looking for THREE DAYS.  I'm getting low on where to find information.  I'm looking for a REAL expert on this subject.
On boot up I am told that the lance 7990 driver is loading.  I should be getting the PCnet32 driver because I have a VLBus card.  If config comes back with everything correctly, but route stalls when looking up the default gateway.
It's not really a problem with setting up the card with ifconfig and route.  The problem is getting the kernel based driver to load correctly.
Ok, 200 hard points for an expert who may do it without further info.
May be I'm back to this question if I can see the ifconfig and/or
netstat -rn output :-)

Good luck.
straznpAuthor Commented:
NONONONONONO!!!!!!! I'm trying to figure out how to get the DRIVER for the network card to load CORRECTLY.  NOT the ROUTE or the IP configuration.  But the DRIVER.  You don't need the IFCONFIG or NETSTAT information for that!
So we have to dig into the kernel.
Have you compiled your kernel to use modules, or even autoloading modules when needed?
If not, we are back to boot.msg etc. You then should enable debugging in lance32.c .

Please contact me at this will be faster than
communicating here.
You'll have to cross reference the following Slackware info to RedHat because I'm not too familiar with RedHat's startup sequence.

I had a similar problem and here is how I got it to work.
Rebuild the kernel with no built in support for any Ethernet cards. Make the lance32 support as a module only.

Locate the equivilent of Slackware's rc.inet1 file. This has all the ifconfig and route stuff to configure your ethernet.

In the begining of this file put an insmod command to load the lance32 module using absolute paths to both insmod and the lance32 module.

Presuming the module loads then the network configuration commands following will work and you're up.

If the module does not load check the lance32.c file in /usr/src/linux/drivers/net for possible command line options to use when you load the module.

This worked for several 3Com cards I had to get up. The kernel only wanted to see them as a module, not built in to the kernel.

straznpAuthor Commented:
Well, that would be great, but the kernel I have, doesn't have module support for the lance32 driver.  It is kernel only.

why don't you add the driver to the kernel deamon at X-win via command   kernelcfg    add the driver and specify your IRQ and info. Then make sure that your configuration for you ethernet card at   netcfg  is onboot .



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