msgsrv32.exe fault in commctrl.dll

Whenever I boot my system I get this msgsrv32 error and the system hangs. If I continually press the Startup key I get the task window and then run application msgsrv32 and the system then comes up. Any ideas!!
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Look in C:\windows\system for those two files and make sure they are there. The msgsrv32.exe file shoud say it is a 10kb application file . The commctrl.dll should be found twice, once in windows system as a 152kb application file and once in system backup as a 152 kb application file. These have something to do with communications and messageserver(I think)  I would try and reload win 95. appears as if something is not correct and/or has been corrupted.Hope this helps.
gelomeAuthor Commented:
Good answer but all those files are the right size and in the correct directories.
Thanks bdlasds
Well gelome, your problem has 2 component problems and here's an explanation of both as well as three fixes.
Msgsrv32.exe is a program that runs invisibly on the Windows 95 desktop and performs several background functions necessary for Windows 95 to operate.
These functions are:
1- Mediate Plug and Play messages among various parts of the operating system.
2- Coordinate automatic responses to Setup programs. This includes checking whether a Setup program has improperly overwritten Windows 95  files, and optionally restoring the Windows 95 versions of those files.
3- Display the initial logon dialog box if networking is enabled.
4- Play the system startup and shutdown sounds.
5- Load installable Windows drivers at startup and unload them at shutdown.
6- Run the shell program (usually Explorer.exe) and re-run the shell if it doesn't respond.
The principle function of Commctrl.dll is to handle printer functions: Usually the error you describe is related to a bad call from the Msgsrv32 file, a damaged commctrl.dll file or an improper, incorrect, damaged or incompatible printer driver.
Let's start with commctrl.dll. Please pay close attention to naming conventions such as the "c" in commctrl.dll as well as the "K" in commctrl.dll.
1.Restart your computer. When you see the "Starting Windows 95" message, press the F8 key, and then choose Command Prompt Only from the Startup menu.
2. Type the following commands, pressing ENTER after each line:
                  cd \windows\system
                  ren commctrl.dll commctrl.old
3. Use the Extract tool to extract the Kommctrl.dll file from the file on disk 1 of your Windows 95 disks or in the
Win95 folder on the Windows 95 CD-ROM to the Windows\System folder. To use the Extract tool, please see article Q129605 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
4. Type the following line and then press ENTER:
                ren kommctrl.dll commctrl.dll

5. Type the following line, and then press ENTER:

             copy commctrl.dll c:\windows\sysbckup

When you are prompted to overwrite the existing file, press Y.
6. Restart your computer normally.
Make sure you have the most current driver available for your printer available on a floppy. Go to "My Computer" and delete your current printer, and when windows asks whether it should delete the files for the printer say yes. Then go to the add printer icon and add your printer again, but this time use the new drivers that you have on a floppy. Reboot your system and see if the problem remains. If the problem is still present, then do the following.

 msgsrv32.exe is loaded by windows during setup and then modified during the first reboot of the system. If a second reboot is necessary to complete hardware detection, windows may again modify this file. Therefore, the only was to repair the file is to run windows setup again, but with verify switches.

If you loaded windows 95 initially from cd-rom:
Restart your system and when windows starts, touch the F8 key and boot to the dos prompt. Make sure your cd-rom drivers are loading. If they are not, then reboot your system and go to the dos prompt by clicking start, programs, msdos prompt.

If you loaded windows 95 from floppy disks then just restart your system and when windows starts, touch the F8 key and boot to the dos prompt.

Insert either the cd-rom or the floppies and type the following, changing the path as necessary for either the cd-rom or the floppy.

     d:\setup /d /p f

Note: Make sure you type the above correctly to insure that the switches are properly invoked. This will cause windows setup to examine your original files and correct damaged one's, verify the registry and your hardware entries. Just follow the prompts.

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